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Any Real stats?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmythehuman, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. anyone ever seen one of those lists you typically see in newspapers where it lists all the dangerous activities you could do.

    Eg Per percentage i bet farming is far more dangerous than riding bikes, or horse racing, dirt bikes, boating or whatever.

    Love to be able to list a few of the more dangerous activities when i am getting stick for owning a bike, which incidently has only been for less than a week and almost EVERYONE feels the need to tell me that i am a "temporary Australian" - when i bet they are doing stufff that is equally dangerous.

    they are getting on my nerves a little - does everyone get this?
  2. Had the same experience when I first got my bike, and it can start to get a bit unnerving. 2 things to note
    1) riding a motorbike can be dangerous so gear up and keep your brain in gear at all times
    2) same people who said "its dangerous, death machines, spinal unit etc etc etc" now ask me to take them for a ride on the back or when I'm selling the vtr cos they want it :cool:
  3. I saw a study once that said that flying light planes was about as dangerous as motorcycling, and that parachuting was more dangerous.

    I fly and I ride... but I don't jump out of perfectly good planes (okok... most jump planes are far from perfect) :)
  4. I've always held that riding a motorcycle (sensibly) you are a no more likely to have an accident, but if/when you do, you are lots more likely to be injured more seriously than in a car/truck (same would go for cycling).

    Smoking/drinking/diet/obesity/sun overexposure/whatever is just as dangerous to one's health, but people are comfortable as the effects will likely be felt later in life, and they can burden the health system then. With riding, the consequences of bad decisions are instant, and you are a burden now.
  5. Well i reckon its better to do what you enjoy instead of being negatitve :grin: which is what they are ,and then they get hit by a bus and lie there thinking wish i had more fun when i was alive :(
  6. I saw a stat that more pedestrians die per year than motorcyclists.... It was from a link on this forum...
  7. Yep, too bad for all those overweight riders that smoke and drink - must have the life expectancy of a moth :LOL:.
  8. Very little of what average joe does in his life compares in danger to riding bikes on public roads. Lets face it, it's a bloody dangerous past time! Particularly when so many other people on the 'field' break the rules constantly.
    Either you deal with that and ride or you be a biatch and sit on the couch watching someone enjoying life on tv while drinking yourself into a mid life stupor.
  9. And how many pedestrians cross the road every day compaired to people that ride bikes?
    Ten times, twenty times? one hundred times as many?
    Don't fool yourselves, road riding is dangerous. But that's half the fun isn't it?