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Any Racers out there?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Owen, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Hey people, im REALLY looking at getting into racing, hoping there are some people out there who are into it and can give me some info on how i need to go about getting involved.

    Cheers in advance.

  2. Gday owen, i've been racing cars? You talking about bikes or cars?
  3. Owen, there are a few threads out there with the info you need. However, in brief:

    You need a MA licence. Although one event licences are available, the best bet is a 1yr MA licence. To get a licence you MUST be a member of an affiliated club. All clubs are affiliated to their State Controlling Body.

    You need to work out what discipline you want to race in. Dirt, road etc...and then what class within that, Supersport, Superbikes, Superlights, 400's, Twin Sprints etc...Superlights, 400's and Twins are a cheap(er) way to get racing. The lights (or buckets) are sub 150cc bikes that are very cheap to buy and race, but still offer heaps of fun.

    Once you've got a club, a licence and a bike, you are more or less ready to go.

    How to Start
  4. www.caferacerclub.com/

    One of the local clubs - mostly out at Mallala.

    The other one I know of is pheonix racing or something like that.
  5. Here are some links to previous discussions along the line of starting racing.



    Now just to add to what has already been said you will need to weigh everything up, ranging from cost through to your aims and what you want to achieve.

    A very good starting point is identifying a local club that runs meets or is involved within the class of racing you are looking at getting into. Then contact them and even attend a meet or two as this will allow you to see first hand some of what is involved and may open doors (ie. people selling bikes/gear).

    Basically make sure you do the research before you jump, it is not cheap by any means but is fun.

    Oh yeah, I don't race but do officiate at meetings so if you decide not to race for a while become a volunteer at the track, then watch, listen and learn as it will help your decision.

  6. Certainly recommend cafe racers.

    A good starting place is bracket racing where you race against others with similar lap times regardless of the bike.

    If you go to a meeting they'll be happy to give you the lowdown on what you'll need to get started.

    Have you been out to many track days? If you ask around there'll be bound to be some members out there to talk to.

    Good luck.