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Any questions for the GP gods?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Loz, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Now that I've got my press tickets sorted, I'm supposed to be covering this GP weekend all proper-like, which means I'll probably have to do some interviews and make a knob of myself in front of famous people that I admire.

    I'm sure that, faced with such luminaries, I'll turn into a babbling twerp incapable of stringing together an intelligent question.

    So I thought I'd throw the question out there - is there anything you'd like to ask of any of the GP, 250 or 125 riders, their teams, etc? If I get a chance to interview those individuals I'll try to include any questions from you guys that won't get my arse kicked.

  2. Does Rossi like boys or girls?
  3. Does Stacey actually suck balls?
  4. :p
  5. Is Hoppers Mrs off shagging someone else?
  6. :p
  7. Be Yourself.

    They pull their Leathers on, one leg at a time, just like all of us.
  8. what bike they ride in 'real' life. there personal bike. i was in fed square today and someone asked stoner and he said a hypermotard...i really did not pick that. i think it would be interesting to know what they all go and hit the spur when its sunny.
  9. If Stoner and Rossi were the last two guys on earth, which one would be the pitcher?

    Oh, and do they prefer Latte or Mochachino on the weekends?
  10. left or right glove first :rofl:
  11. If they had to bet all their money and worldy posessions on who would be next years champion, who would they choose?

    Rossi - This season, how much of the bike's improvement was yamaha Vs tyres?

    Stoner - How would you rate the corner speed of the Ducati Vs the Yamaha?

    Chris - How long will you stay with Suzuki?
  12. Ya bet me to it Vic :p

    ..I'd like to know what 'grade' of steel their balls are made of :?
  13. Ask Randy why he keeps crashing and what is he doing to try and stop?

    I was supposed to be hooked up with some pit passes for this weekend but they fell through :( :(

    Also what's Lorenzo's favorite chupa chup flavor? :p
  14. How do they do it?
    Why do they do it?
    Riding and Crashing and Riding and Winning…

    Wait haven’t I heard that somewhere before?
  15. sounds familiar, I'm getting it in a scottish accent
  16. Hey, did you install a spelling and grammar checker?

    That was faultless ;) :p
  17. Give the guy a brake, not his fault he can't spull. :LOL:
  18. Should it be mentioned that there is probably a missing comma or two?
  19. Hey that was me.
    They were giving out ducati t-shirts so i had to think of a Q on the spot. lol

    Stoner was given a hypermotard at the launching of the melbourne ducati store, i think.

    I have one: If possible, does any of the riders feel like they can't be bothered throwing a leg over the bike.

    To us, pfft of course not, but i think their answers may differ.