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Any questions about bodybuilding and/or music theory?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Master.D., Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. My chance to give back to you guys for helping me out!

    I know a lot about bodybuilding (as in.. all aspects of fitness and nutrition, supplementation etc) and music theory so if anyone has a question just let me know!


  2. Where can I buy some motivation? :(
  3. Haha.. youtube man! They got the best vids on there to pump you up like ya wouldn't believe! You want some links??
  4. Nah mate I don't think youtube is gonna do it............

    Thanks for the offer. :wink:
  5. Hmm I dunno man, be more specific about motivation.

    Do you want motivation to lose weight? Motivation to gain weight?

    What's up?
  6. I had two moles (potential skin cancer) cut out today. They told me not to do anything to strenuous. I said "No gym". The doctor said not until the stitches come out.

    Normally on Thursdays, I try to do chest and back. Today, I did nothing.

    PS: I normally do dumb bell. I might use the wiltshire machine if it is free.

    What do you do when a bunch of guys hog the bench you want and they just talk over it?
  7. Lifting weights gives me a sore neck. Made even worsa by the fact a mole got cut out today.
  8. I'm assuming your gym only has one bench??

    Mine too.. it sucks doesn't it!

    There are a few options when that happens..

    1) Ask them to move (NICELY). If they're just talking there then they should move straight away for you (as they probably don't know they're in your way). If, however, they're doing sets then you can ask to "work-in" with them (that is.. you will do your set whilst they are resting between sets)

    2) Wait and/or go and do another exercise in the meantime.. if you're worried that in doing another exercise someone else might take the bench, just kindly tell the people using the bench to "reserve" the bench for you (ie, say "sorry, but that guy *points to you* asked for it next)

    3) Find an alternative. If you can't barbell bench press and you're under a time constraint just do dumbell bench press

  9. I'm a bit of a newb to this fitness thing.

    So in your opinion, how many different exercises for say arms, back, legs etc should you be doing in a session? Is 3 or 4 different moves for each area sufficient or what?

    Also, what's would be the optimum number of sessions in a week do you reckon? Is every other day excessive in your opinion?

    And what is music theory?

    Sorry for the noob questions.
  10. Why is it assumed that every good boy deserves fruit? Why shouldn't they earn it like everyone else? If I start making good boys work for and earn their fruit, will the notes change? :?
  11. Gav

    I'm a big fan of the lydian mode and a lot of my writing comes out using those kinda Dmaj over C chords - I expect because I listened to a lot of Steve Vai when I was younger and a lot of his themes are typically lydian.

    I don't listen to much music these days - more's the pity really - but I want to get my head inside some of the other modes; dorian, mixolydian, aolean...

    I kind of get how they work; different scales over a base note etc but I wouldn't know a locrian tune from a phrygian, so unless this is too bizarre a question, would a theory guy like yourself be able to point out a few good tunes that sit in each of these modes so I can get on the listen and broaden my shit a bit?

    If that's too out there, feel free to tell me to get stuft.

    Oh and can you make me skinny?
  12. Depends on the split you're on. But basically, it should be 3 or 4 exercises per body part. So say if you went to a gym and worked out your chest and biceps you would do 3 or 4 chest exercises and 3 or 4 bicep exercises.

    Optimum number of sessions depends. If you are just starting workout out then you go less frequently and do lower intensity compound (involving the use of numerous muscles) movements. When you get more advanced you do what's called a "split" which would be, for example:

    Monday: Legs
    Tuesday: Chest/Biceps
    Wednesday: Back/triceps
    Thursday: Rest(cardio)
    Friday: Legs/shoulders
    Saturday: Biceps/triceps
    Sunday: Rest(cardio)

    But I would only recommend that to someone who is a little more advanced in bodybuilding.

    Having said that, it is important to know that 70% of muscle growth happens in the kitchen, and only 30% in the gym.


    Music theory is a term used to describe the non practical aspect of music. When writing a piece of music you will, for example,

    -Pick a key
    -Pick a meter (time signature)
    -Notate your rhythm
    -Use interval knowledge and note knowledge to write coherently
    -Use harmony knowledge to construct a chord progression


    Things like this you learn when you study "music theory". For example, if I were to ask you "what are the notes in the key of B major?" that would be a music theory question and you would answer "B C# D# E F# G# A# B" etc

    Simply put, it is the academic side of music.
  13. Haha YOU can make yourself skinny with a few very simple methods

    1) Eat every 2~3 hours (try to get roughly 2000~2400 calories per day)
    2) Avoid simple carbs and saturated fats
    3) Incorporate a weights routine into your lifestyle
    4) Do some cardio every now and then
    5) Watch the weight slip off ya =]

    (oh and don't forget to DRINK GREEN TEA!)

    I can go into more detail about that if you want.


    As for the music, I will most certainly compile a list for you - tomorrow.. I am heading to bed soon!

    For the time being, I know it will not suffice but perhaps this will help you!


    Click there and 'un-tick' all the non-modal scales and then you can test yourself on which is which!

    Also, if you want to just listen to one scale over and over just 'un-tick' every other scale and then continually hit the play button!

    Enjoy and good luck
  14. Please excuse the triple post, I'll make sure it doesn't happen again!

    That's a good question!

    I guess we could say that every glorified biker dies fulfilled?
  15. That's a good jigger.
  16. thats a good point. ive been working out reasonably regularly for 3 years now and because i eat like absolute shit, im not getting huge results.

    Ive just started working out with/training a mate and i think its time to start getting into some of that protien shit. what would ya reccomend. just some 100%whey stuff like gold standard?

    my other mate that i sometimes work out with is into alot more serious shit and i want to stay away from that crap.

    Also i know i should legs, but i never can be stuffed and i do a bit of running ect. are legs really that important?

    ive recently started doing a bit more back&shoulders cause my strength, if not my body was getting a little out of proportion cause i never did much. im only like 73kg, but can bench 90 8 reps....but ask me to do lat pull downs and im like a little girl lol. Any good back exercises you can reccomend for someone who dosent have a pull down/chinup bar (other than basic row)

    sorry for long post. hehe

    cheers mate
  17. Why chest and biceps then back and triceps?

    Working your chest is very hard without engaging the triceps and working your back is very hard without using biceps, therefore it's generally accepted that you split chest/triceps one day and back/biceps the next (pushing and pulling). Why do you reckon the other way around?

    (Not having a go - genuinely interested).
  18. Good question..

    You will find that some people do chest/triceps and back/biceps.. however the majority will do it how I posted. Why?

    On Tuesday you work out your chest and biceps.. therefore it's safe to say that effectively you're working out your chest + your biceps + triceps + sholders + a little bit of your back (as pretty much every single chest exercises involves triceps/shoulders as stabilizers and some bicep movements use your back i.e. chinups)

    Then on Wednesday you work out your back and triceps.. therefore it's safe to say that effectively you're working out your back + your triceps + your biceps/forearms + a little bit of your shoulders (as all back exercises use biceps/forearms and some tricep exercises use shoulders as stabilizers)

    As such, you are effectively working out each muscle group twice; once as a stabilizer and once as the actual muscle in focus. By working out a muscle as a stabilizer (ie triceps in bench press) you make your triceps stronger for the tricep workout where the more weight being moved = more hypertrophy = bigger triceps!

    Another reason for my routine is because if you workout your chest and triceps on the same day, by the time you've hit your chest hard you may have exhausted your triceps (as they are a smaller muscle and will get fatigued quicker even when used as a stabilizer).


    Yea man definitely look for either a whey protein isolate or a 100% whey. It doesn't really matter what you get, just make sure when you pick up the bottle you have a quick squiz at the macros and look at the CARBOHYDRATES per serving (if they're low and practically sugarless, BUY IT!)

    May I ask what other supplements your mate is on? Because a lot of the time you may think it's "serious" but it could be something simple like creatine mono or hydroxycut or NO explode/cell mass (if he's on steroids then yea.. stay away lol)

    I hate to say it, but legs really are important. For a number of reasons too!

    1) If you want to 'get a six pack' (ie lose fat) you will get abs faster by working out your legs over working out your abs. The legs are the biggest muscle group in your body by far.. therefore when you stimulate them it requires more energy (calories) to make the massive muscle contract. You'll find that when you squat or leg press you sweat a lot and really get your heart rate going. They're truly the best for fat loss!

    2) Working out your legs promotes a greater natural growth hormone production in your body. To be concise, if you work out your biceps for 5 weeks and then work out your biceps and legs for 5 weeks you will get considerably more mass in your biceps in the latter 5 week period.

    A lot of people say they don't like working out legs because they don't want to get "those horrible looking legs that pro bb'ers have".. but relax because it is safe to say that simply working out your legs intensely will never make them grow that large. It is a product of *ahem* other things.

    Hope I helped!
  19. interesting to hear that stuff about the legs. i'll have to start chucking some of that in my routine.

    already got the six-pack but my lower abs (as for most people) arent as good. i assume working legs will help this.

    hes not really on anything serious actualy, but he was trying to convince me to get some androbelin. i didnt like the sound of "testosterone mimicing plant steriles" lol. but he does know what he's doing when it comes to bb'ing.

    cheers bud
  20. Yea.. just keep lowering the BF and it'll come out eventually..

    Fair enough to say that you're mate is into the more serious shit if he's on andro.. no offence but being on bodybuilding.com for this long has really exposed me to a lot of stupid people worrying about creatine or NO being too serious and/or dangerous, lol!

    For a leg workout I would just do somethin like..

    -Leg press
    -Front squats
    -SLDL (stiff legged dead lift)

    That should be more than enough - and make sure you're willing to cop a bit of pain :p
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