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Any point in making a police report

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tsim, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Tonight coming home down Epping road, nsw, I was in the bus lane approaching centennial ave.
    The bus lane ends and I indicate to move into the centre lane as the left lane is a turn left only lane. I see a gap and move into it, but I stupidly stayed on the left of the lane instead of owning the lane.
    The car behind moves slightly to the right and moves up putting me level with his bonnet. I am still wholly within the lane. The traffic starts to move and I accelerate to jump in front of this tosser and own the lane, but he keeps about a 1 foot distance between him and car in front so I can't jump through.
    At this point I should have filtered around and moved up a couple of cars up, but didn't
    He then winds down his window and says what I am doing is illegal. I reply to him what he has just done is illegal. He calls me a c$&t, then traffic starts to move again through the lights. He continually paces himself about a foot from the car in front and starts to push me to the gutter on the other side of the lights. I have had enough of this tool, so I slam the brakes, let go past and dive in behind, knowing there is a bus lane ahead and I can go past him there and get clear. He enters the bus lane and sticks his finger up out of the window. Finally he moves out of the bus lane and I start to accelerate to move past him, every time I do he swerves back into the bus nearly taking out my front wheel. He does this five times. Finally there is a bus in the bus lane. I drop in behind this moron, go past the bus, and as soon as I am clear of the bus by the smallest of margins I gun it and get the hell away from this idiot.

    Is there any point ringing the police or PAL and reporting it, or would I just be wasting half an hour of my time.

    If any wants to keep an eye out for this lunatic and stay away from him, it is a dark grey celica or supra with a green p plate on the back, rego BN90GJ
  2. i would give the PAL a call. have them log the rego. at least it is in the system. nothing will happen this time. but is chance this is at least logged against them.
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  3. Ok this is what you pay attention to, the rest is a result of this.
    You can't control what goes on in another person's head but you can control your actions.
    Remember you are the vulnerable one not the idiot in his steel cocoon.
  4. To answer your question No'' but just learn from the experience you got home safe and live to ride another day
  5. Thanks Guys,
    Just rang PAL, and they suggested going into a police station and reporting it.
    She also asked when it occurred, and since it had been a couple of hours since the incident, there wasn't much else that I could do apart from going into the police station, but she did say, that if this type of thing occurs again, to pull over and call 000. they will alert any cars in the area in an effort to pick up the driver.

    I will go into the police station first thing in the morning.

    Good result so far I think
  6. If you're going to do the report, going by a rego check it's a: 1999 GREY TOYOTA SUPRA 232002 SEDAN
  7. {no advocating smiting vehicles etc.} - read the guidelines.
  8. {no advocating smiting vehicles etc.} - read the guidelines.
  9. guys no mentioning of kicking in things or violent actions ok?
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  10. there is only one thing to do when this kind of thing happens .....that is get out of the cars way , ..your on a motor bike he is in a car ,who do you think is going to win that battle?? the answer is not you on your motor bike ,,if you think you own the lane you wont last long on the roads ,,wise up champ .this will keep you alive ,
  11. It was not a case thinking I own the lane, but should have dominated the lane to avoid this idiot sitting beside me.
    What I did do was get out of the way. But as I stated earlier it maybe should have been sooner
  12. sooner will keep you alive LONGER
  13. Ahh, the old small penis faux cop hypocrite cager, jealous that he is stuck in traffic and you are not. Whines about you breaking the law but he breaks the law by attempting to murder you (amongst all the other road violations).

    Just ignore the moron, get out of the way. Its a self preservation thing. You will still make it to your destination before him since you are on a bike, so you really win in the end anyway.
  14. What is PAL?
  15. Get yourself a camera. If it happens again you can report the moron for endangering lives and reckless driving.

    Alternatively, at the next traffic stop, see if you can get the details of a person behind to act as witness, then report to the local station. If they have your story and that of a witness he likely will be charged. Just be prepared to be summoned to court if he refuses to give in to the claims. I've been through this before after witnessing a moron fishtailing out of a car wash missing two pedestrians by less than a few inches. He got what he deserved just from their statements and that of mine and another mate there at the time.
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  16. Well lets hope the driver gets a visit from the Police for a nice chat :). Good luck with the process.

    I always wanted to have a scrolling message board on the bike with preset buttons for such occasions. Such as "STICK TO YOUR LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING!", "Thank you :]" (if they move over for you), "HEAD CHECK NEXT TIME!" etc.

    In your case..."You will be reported to Police" or "You are being recorded" would have scared the driver quite quickly.

    I don't think it is legal to have a scrolling message board, but would be awesome to have!
  17. Cant see how they can get revenue so they wont

    Its all about the money
  18. take it to ACA
  19. Why are so many motorcycle riders on this forum so precious?

    In this instance I will agree with Smee. You had 100% control of your actions yet you decided to keep adding fuel to the fire.

    Move on, life is too short. Or you'll for ever be calling for whaambulance.
  20. What's PAL?