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Any pilots here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by AdamR33, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hey,

    Was just wondering if there are any pilots on the forum. I think there was a post here last week about a bad landing.

    So if you are a pilot, learning to fly, or in aviation in some way speak up, tell us all about it!

    I am currently doing my people flying out of Moorabbin with Bini's, I have done my GFPT but find myself bogged down by the theory study for the people.


  2. Yep, glider pilot here... plus various ground tech quals
  3. Yeah, I fly fixed wing, used to do it commercially, when I got out of the Navy in "92 I opened up a flying school with a mate, we also taught ultralight flying, as business partners it didn't work out so I moved on.
    I do outback pub crawls once or twice a year now, take in the Birdsville races or whatever outback races are going on at that time of the year as well as fly to the Rock (Ayers Rock), Dalhousie Ruins etc. about 10 to 14 day, tours, sometimes up to Cape York as well. I can fly singles or twins, personally I like Taildraggers, Maules, Cessna 180/185 (yum). I normally do my trips in 6 seater singles, Cherokee 6's, 210's, 206's etc. I have owned planes, but not at the moment. One day I'll have another one.
    I still have a current commercial rating but it's finding the time to fly now. I run a busy Automotive and Motorcycle workshop (DynoTuning) in Western Sydney now.
    Alway's happy to talk flying! I have a couple of thousand hours up now.

    Tex & Bundy
  4. Pro-Pilot might be :?
  5. I learnt in a Cessna 172, rented Piper warriors for a couple of years and switched to ultra lights (easier on the pocket).

    Bought myself a Jabiru and had that for a few years but sold it when I needed some $ for a house.

    Still rent a Jab a bit but not as much as I used to... currently have just over 400 hours.
  6. I have a CSU/retract single endorsement. Have to get back into flying again, am not current after saving for houses etc, but will have some spare income in the next year or so, considerng a tailwheel endorsement.
    It opens up a lot of cheaper aircraft in the used market, like Citabrias.
    I have no interest in an IFR rating, I fly for teh enjoyment of it, and that includes teh scenery.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Failed student... was topping out all the tests, got to solo rated and was prepping for the GFPT... but then had to take a break... just never got back into it... and now I've learned CIVIL have folded... so there goes my log book.

    I'll never forget my first solo circuits and first solo area flight.

  8. I was thinking about this the other day - it must be an amazing experience to be able to fly. Better than motorbike riding?
  9. ditto. Would love to take it up again but just too much $$$ :cry:
  10. To me flying a light plane feels like a cross between riding a motorbike and driving a power boat... but in 3 dimensions not 2.

    I'm not going to get into the whole better/worse thing... with only 400 hours and only a few types under my belt there are people better situated to comment :wink:
  11. Another one here. Started when I was 15 or 16. Started on C172s, switched to C150/2s and then Warriors. Havent really gone much further than a people and an aerobatics endorsement.

    The first time you go solo is MUCH MUCH better than riding. But once youre all licensed and have a few hours under your belt, the thrill dies down. Just like with bikes i guess. Depending on where youre flying, it can be much more stressful than a bike.

    At least with flying, you know that everyone up there with you has paid lots and lots of their hard earned $$$ to be there. Theyve all had pretty good training and are all generally pretty professional up there. (with the exception of some idiots and students obviously) So the stress of looking out for dipshits pulling out in front of you and wannabe boyracers is not there but i guess that stress is replaced with the stress of following procedures, checklists, radio calls, navigation etc etc.

    All in all, they both give me a buzz. Riding is cheaper.
  12. I'm learning to fly people (A & H) had a break due to $$ and only a few weeks back was also looking to get back into it again. Fuel prices are killing it at the moment again like when the Mobil crisis hit back in about 2000.

    Tex, we need to go do a Victor 1 or take a day out and head somewhere.....
  13. I am a GFPT - trained at Tyabb. I've done the first NAV for people but that was 3 yrs ago and havent flown since. I think any money I have spare now ...umm, who am I kidding - no spare $$ :)

  14. Flying can be great & it can be stressful. Flying long distances in a plane is not unlike riding a bike long distance: "Hours and hours of boredom interspersed with moments of sheer terror".
    Flying low over open paddocks in an ultralight chasing 'Roos or wild pigs can be fun, also flying Ultralights coastal just beyond the breakers low (almost skimming the wave tops) the aircraft will roll with the waves (So I've been told :LOL: ) U can also check out the water for any bities that may be swimming around on deserted sections of the coast before landing on the beach & going for a swim. I was flying over a relatively deserted beach once when I thought I had the wrong charts with me, alls I could see was maps of Tassie everywhere, doing the right thing, I landed, only to find out it was a nudist colony :LOL:

    Tweet, not a problem mate, haven't flown Victor 1 for ages, we might nick over here and check out the factory as well, stir the boy's up a bit! :LOL: .

    Tex & Bundy
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Couple of hours in Cessna 152's out of moorabbin years ago. Then (sounds familiar) $$$ put an end to the training.
    Love to do it again.....$$$ again!
  17. Every time I point a plane down the runway, and feed in throttle I get tingles. The best part is when the plane leaves the runway, just a fantastic feeling.
    There's little that can bring more satisfaction than a well executed landing.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I have an ATPL.
    I flew professionally for about 10 years, flying all sorts up to light biz-jets.
    Been a bit busy with my business of late to do anything other than renew my IR.
    But one day.........

    Many of my airline pilot friends think riding a bike is too dangerous - damage a hand or a foot and their jobs gone - its just not worth the risk for them.

    As others have suggested, the freedom felt in flying is similar to riding, only better (IMHO). For those non-pilots here, imagine the world is one large roadway where you can ride pretty-well where ever you want, including up and down. Oh, and when you fly an open-top airplane, you don't have to wear a helmet - there you are flying upsidown hanging from your harness with the wind in your hair at 200kph (at the slow bit!), relatively few speed limits, and no cops behind that cloud! Its magic!!

    Peter Bini used to run a good flight training school. I haven't seen it for some time so can't comment on it now - hopefully it's still good.
    The theory is necessary, stick with it - it really is worth it.
  19. Robsalvv,
    if you're still interested, call Gary Smythe - CFI at Moorabbin Flying Services. He used to be CFI at Civil and may know where to retrieve your logbook and licence. Even if you don't continue it would be a nice souvenir. Civil folded quite some time ago.
  20. Taa mate :) I think I have my instructor's number about the place, so I should give him a call about that log book. I should really give him a call anyway. He was an absolutely lovely guy. Loved his physics. Really got into the nitty gritty of flying stuff - even got into the esoteric philosophy of it all. He loved his flying and engendered confidence in his students. Cameron was his name. I hope he's still doing his thing.