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Any Peugoet SpeedFigher II owners here ?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    i'm looking at getting a Pug SFII in WRC colors.

    Anyone here have one ?
    Comments on ownership ?
    Mod-ability . . ?

    I'm new to the scooter scene, I reckon they are unreal and a good hobby to get into.



  2. Welcome Micky. There's lots of scooter riders on the forum, especially, for some reason, in Adelaide.

    When you do get your machine, make sure you budget for safety gear as well, and not just a helmet!!
  3. Hey Micky,

    I sold mine last year. It was fun but definitely only for the city. Gets a lot of looks. I did have a couple of probs with mine (dash wasn't very airtight and fogged when wet and Peugeot used cheap ignition leads so when sitting on 80 for a couple of minutes, the engine cut out - test this if yr buying one). I can't stress that they are only a city scoot. Another guy who bought his at the same time as me decided that he might take it on a long run. He sat on high speeds for half an hour and seized the motor.

    If you know it's limits and are happy with that, they're a great little scoot.

  4. as with any scooter.. check it out before u buy it. and listen to Hornet... buy some saftey gear or u will never hear the end of it from these whiney bitchs ;)

    an open face helmet is usually supplied by the shop as part of your deal.. but ask if u can chuck in a few $$ to get a full face..

    good luck with it

    where bouts u located?
  5. A friend of mine bought this brand new. As per oz2wheels comment, that's so true. The engine will stop if it hits a certain speed and certain amount of time running.

    The other problem is parts. Very expensive as compared to the other brands. One of the theories why it cuts out is because of the immobilizer - it activates at a certain speed for some reason. It can be fixed, but at a price...

    Good luck and ensure you spend more on protective gear than the bike. Parts can be replaced in a bike, rather difficult for any human part...

  6. hey guys.
    Sorry for not replying back but my thoughts have changed on the Peugeot Speedfight. After a long hard think, the only reason why I wanted a SFII in WRC colors because my 4wheel mode of transport is a Subaru :wink: , its that whole WRC thing !

    The dealer actually even told me about the symtoms of the SFII and it has turned me further off it. She was trying to get me interested in a Gilera VXR200, and I have to admit, I'm liking it.

    I'm in two minds.

    After doing my pre-learners and weighing up the costs of a scooter and a second hand Honda VTR250 (or even a well used Duc Monster 600) . . . . part of me is saying "get a bike".

    hey DelusionL, i'm in Sydney.

    I work in Nth Syd . . . its Scooter central . . each time i go out for lunch, there are nice scooters to see parked on the streets.
  7. Really?

    How can a vehicle be sold that has known running problems such as this without being recalled? I'm sure the last thing that Peugot would want to (or able to) do is a recall, but a problem such as this could cause someone serious harm.

    That sort of mechanical (un)reliability is unacceptable in these times.
  8. Go for it!!!

    Gilera VXR200 is good "for a scooter". VTR250 still run circles around it.
  9. In your position I'd probably go for the VTR also. Although the VXR is a really good scoot and really fast, if you're on here you'll probably hankering to hang out with the bigger boys fairly soon.

    I love the Monster too but the thought of buying a second hand Ducati of an age that is cheap enough is a little daughnting. It's hard to know if it was properly maintained properly and if it wasn't, you're up for heaps of cash down the road.

  10. i've heard its a fail-safe design.
    the Speedfight is really only a inner city commuter.

    hey, oz2wheels
    i'm weighing that up also regarding maintenance costs on an italian bike, at least with the VTR you know that maintenance is cheaper with a common japanese bike.
  11. approximately 1230 noon today, my scooter aspirations had been deminished !

    I put a deposit down on this baby ! :grin:

    A nice Matte Black 04 VTR250, and I also got matching black protection gear.
    I'm so excited.

    See you all on the road. :cool: