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Any petrolheads interested in more action after coffee night

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ROAMER, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. I was thinking of making my way up to Calder park dragway tonight after coffee meeting to catch up on some drag action. Anyone had similar plans or interested to go? Mind you entry to the drags as a spectator is approx $17.00.

  2. You could aways join me at the music bowl, and watch the Ballet !!

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:

    or not :p

  3. Yeah...right....so someone sees me watching balet and people start talking.................. No thanx mate I'll go and sniff burning rubber. :LOL: I wonder who is jelaous between the two of us :roll: 8)
  4. If you're going to make the effort of going to Calder you might as well pay the extra and actually compete.

    Most of you already wear the required safety gear anyway (leathers, Helmet, gloves and so on) and it aint hard to go down the strip at a great rate of knots, just remember to stop before you end up driving through my back yard (about 5 km down the road) :p
  5. Compete??? With what mate??? With my virago 250??? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Mate, they can't wait that long for me to travel across the strip!!! Nah mate, my drag days are over, blew out 2 engines, poured enough money in to it. That's why I bought my self a diesel 4WD so I don't get any temptations anymore!!! :D
  6. Saw a guy on a big Caddy do a 22 second pass once a few yeas back so he would've been slower than your 250.

    Mind you there's a guys who shows up occasionally in a 350 Chev powered Hiace Van that pulls mid 13's :shock: :eek:
  7. Re: Any petrolheads interested in more action after coffee n

    How do you stop your boa getting wrapped around your rear wheel? Must be hard to operate the gearshift in high heels. Time for a scooter? :shock:
  8. hahaha 22 second???? I could do faster on my pushbike!!! Biggest imprestion (or disgust) left on me was a guy that showed up in black HQ station wagon with the coffin at back. "He is well prepared if things go wrong" I taught!!! did mid 14s that night, coffin stayed unused.
  9. Calder Drags after Friday Coffee sounds good! :D

    How long do the drags go for?
  10. Re: Any petrolheads interested in more action after coffee n

    Boa? What's Boa? Geashifing in heels, no problem. Scooter? Yeah mate, you go ahead, it would suit you good, I'm slow enough on my virago! :D
  11. Usually finish around 10:30 or so, at least that's when the noise usually dies down.
  12. Drags are every Friday (unless it's raining) start at 5 afternoon, finish usually 12-1 depends on how many competitors.
  13. 12- 1, that's a lot later than it used to run.

    Then again I haven't wandered over for a laugh for a couple of years.
  14. Mate, too many "fully sick" civics out there these days. :D But yeah they go way later than 10:30 these days.
  15. If you want to have a laugh you need to go out to one of the Wednesday night Drifting nights.

    Checked one out a few months ago and it's just like the Street Drags only going sideways all the time.
  16. So how do you go about entering? What is the cost etc... I gather they have a bike only section?
  17. Its $55 to compete (a rip off if you ask me, Bob Jane is a criminal) which gets you as many runs in a night as possible. Usually you will do 7-8. Bikes will only run with other bike however you are racing the clock and not the other competitor. The timer doesnt start until youve opened the second stage light. Ergo jumping the green or getting a terrible reaction time means nothing. Its good fun and very safe.
  18. mmm, only 55 bucks..... mmmm, might be a bit of fun, never had myself timed for a drag, might even show up a few of those full sic civics :D
  19. Last time I was there was on myu NSR250. I raced a guy on a busa. He improved his best et from a 10.6 to a 10.3. I ran a 13 flat. No one I raced could beat me to the 60ft line :D not even the busa
  20. yeah would be the same with an rgv :) love those little bikes