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Any Parkway Drive fans here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mik84, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Due to being so busy at work lately i still havent gotten around to seein me fave aussie band live. Finally gettin a chance to go see em up here on the 29th april.

    Wonderin if theres any other fans here or if anyone is/contemplating going?
  2. Thanks mat :p .. at least i got some sort of reply... More than i expected :LOL:
  3. I was just bumping it for you since im so damm nice.

    Seriosuly. i aint even heard of these guys before though
  4. I've heard their stuff before and it's okay, but don't think I'll be going to their Melbourne show.
  5. i've found a new interest in hardcore recently... saw carpathian at a gig the other week...

    wouldn't mind seeing these fellas actually :)

    but in melb
  6. Sorry, Mik, wrong demographic altogether; I have never heard of them, in fact I thought Parkway Drive might be a new TV show (don't watch TV either) :grin:
  7. dont mind them smoke em if you got em is a good song. the singer is a good bodyboarder so parkway is loved in the bodyboard community
  8. Parkway drive are pretty good but won't be going to the concert, opeth are playing down here this weekend too.
  9. melbourne straight edge mate
    thats how we roll
  10. they are ok, nothing particularly special imo.

    saw em live once with some mates ... last year or year before? wasnt to bad :)
  11. pretty sure the original poster has since moved on from seeing them. Why has a thread been brought up from 3 years ago!