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Any panel beaters in the house?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by philmydang, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. So I've got a knack for fvcking with my housemates car it seems. I've taken abit of paint off the front bumper and given him some of mine - where it's marked is where I think the paint been removed completely, the rest looks like it'll buff out. Looks like it needs to be popped back into place too.

    I've managed to convince him that he doesn't need to contact his insurance company and can fetch some quotes (even that took some work). My excess is $500 bucks and although I'm no professional, that surely isn't $500 dollars of work right there??

    Anyway, lets play the price is right; he'll get back to me after the weekend, hopefully with a reasonable figure.

  2. Panel beating is REALLY expensive as its a manual process.

    I would be over the moon to find that cost less than $500.
    I'd estimate they need to replace the entire panel (it IS a bumper panel)
    Wouldn't expect change from $2,000.
  3. jesus christ you could just about get a used car on the road for that amount
  4. Yikes now i scare.

    I got my whole bike resprayed and dents removed for 450 bucks, though it was from some dude in Cabramatta.
    Am I right in saying I need a panel beater? There's no dents in the bodywork, just some missing paint.
  5. You don't need a panel beater. Just go visit some spray painters. I'd guess somewhere in the vicinity of 500 bucks should cover it.
  6. You'll find that whole panel is plastic anyway. So you can't beat it. It just needs to be resprayed.
  7. Have you tried polishing it with scratchx? I had a nasty sc**** on my bumper and was surpised and delighted when half of it just washed off. The other half simply polished out.
  8. I can't see any damage to the bumper but a good panel beater will be able to just paint that corner and fade his new paint into the old.

    Make sure they know this is a private job and not through insurance its considerably cheaper that way.
  9. I just love when people come in say 'oh it'll just pop out', nothing will just 'pop' out.

    Take a few things into consideration;
    to remove the bumper you'll also need to remove, grille, headlamps, lower engine tray, upper cover, wheel arch liners, fog lamps and then the bumper.
    Once the bumper is off, iirc a Mazda 3 is made up of about 30 individual parts and screws, so all those come off also.

    Then you'll need to heat, reshape, file and prime before it's ready for paint, then you have the painting process plus the refitting of everything.

    Yes, you will find places that will paint just paint the corner and some may even do it on the car...Like hell I would let anyone treat my car like that so neither should your mate, it's his property so it should be treated correctly not cheaply.

    BTW, it's difficult to see the exact damage but as a private job I would expect it to cost in the vacinity of $500.