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Any painters out there? .. need advice please.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. After putting it off for almost 2 years, I had run out of excuses and succumbed to my wife's requests to paint the kitchen, study & lounge/dining area.
    I don't think there is anything I hate more than painting :cry:
    Anyway, I finally got the kitchen finished. ... washed walls & ceiling, repaired holes, dents, cracks, rubbed em down, cut the ceiling, painted ceiling.. then the same with walls. took 2 weekends and am happy with the results.
    Problem I have now is this... the ceiling in the lounge/dining area is bloody HUGE! I cannot see myself painting the ceiling in one sitting, and am afraid if I try do it in stages I may leave a huge mark where I stopped and restarted. Was thinking perhaps 'feathering' it off at a particular stage and continuing the following weekend in the hope that it all blends in.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Has anyone ever painted a ceiling in stages?

    I'd rather be shovelling shit in Shanghai than painting ceilings
  2. I think you need to offer payment for someone to do this in the local currency beer
  3. having recently done the living room, kitchen, dining, hallway, backroom, various hallways, both walls and ceiling i guess i can speak with some authority.

    1. whole process blows!

    2. i'd do it in one go, sections at a time, ON THE SAME DAY, paying particular attention not to leave those marks from the edge of the roller.
    helps to also, clean out/wash the paint trough and roller every now and again as the paint has a tendency to coagulate while sitting in the trough for too long. before you know it it'll be DONE.

    3. curse like a motherfcuker! it helps!

    oh, and do not water down your paint! this is something my dad liked to do back in the day which pisses me off since i NOW am the designated painter.

    perhaps the wife can give ya abit of incentive

    :wink: :twisted:
  4. You shouldn't have any probs if you use a good quality FLAT plastic paint. Make sure you mix it well though.
  5. I'm sure you can buy paint that goes on with a light colour but fades to white when it dries, so you can see where you've been and where you've yet to go???
  6. goes on pink and dries white IIRC.
  7. Pretty well any paint will dry a slightly different shade to when it's wet so it's not too hard to see where you've been.

    How big is the ceiling? The size of a footy field? I haven't seen one yet that couldn't be given a coat of paint in one hit. Using a paint roller with an extention handle takes all the latter moving out of the equation and covering the entire floor with tarps before you start will save some fussing about. :)
  8. A one week break won't be a problem for the ceiling. You won't notice it. I'm speaking from experience.
  9. agree with previous posts - do it in one session. My boss had an airless sprayer which was very fast but made a lot of mist and costs a fortune, though you could hire one I suppose. Best result is with mechanical pressure ie: roller. If you decide to break it up over a few days then do it coat by coat rather than section at a time , but goin to bed knowing you gotta come back sucks
  10. ..or you could always put up a slab and see if half a dozen Netriders will come round and do it for you as a birthday present :rofl:.
  11. dont give him such ideas :p
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm gonna try 2 coats in stages, then a final light coat in one sitting. If that don't work, I'll break out a few slabs and start sending invites LOL
  13. Seriously though: your room can't be THAT big. :) Unless you live in a stadium you can paint it in hours not days.

    Painting with a roller is fast, you'll cover a square metre or two with each dip into the paint, you won't need more than the day to get it done if you do the prep (buying the paint, sorting out ladders, covering stuff up, sanding, unscrewing light fittings etc). The fiddly bit is the cornice and you can always leave that til later anyhow. Get the wife or kids some rollers/paintbrushes and it'll be an easy job.

    Although painting ceilings was the least favourite task while building a house. Still remember the aching in my neck from it.. :(
  14. PS get the wife to help by the way.. F**k this "oh that's man's work". If they want equality then they help with the home improvements. They might think twice about demanding something unnecessary next time too. Hehe..
  15. Painting isnt that hard! I did my apartment myself :grin: and it doesnt look shite either lol Only thing I needed help with was moving the big wall unit I had.

    Get it done soon though because it takes much longer to dry when its cold.

    Good luck :)