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Any other WA Scooter fans here?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by JeanLuc664, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. G'day all....

    Any other WA Scooter fans here?

    *looks furtively left and right*


  2. hi mate

    Scootamoto used to run semi regular scooter cruises. Give them a buzz or call in to see if they still do.

    Or you could always scoot off to wherever lots of scooters are and just join in. Always lots down in Freo. Plenty around Mt Lawley. Always heaps around Scarborough and Cottesloe on warm summer days.
  3. I'm thinking about getting a scooter, if ya want drop me a line, you might be able to help me, and some one to ride with or something!

  4. Thanx for the tips Duffman... :)

    ...and Streetvision - I dunno how much help I can be as I'm in Bunbury (I assume most West Ozzies here are in Perth/Freo)

    *sighs* Not a hell of a lot of scooters here in Bunbury (tho' there does seem to be more every week) Bussleton and Mandurah seem to be the centres of scooterdom south of Perth (both have 'specialist' scooter dealers - there's none in Bunbury - tho' most bike shops sell them - but aren't really geared for the scooteristas out there...

    Well *shrugs* that is enuff of excuse for a long slow ride to Bussleton this weekend if nothing else LOL
  5. hahhaha, when I had my 50, I scooted all the way from Fremantle down to Dunsborough. 270km of 70km/hr pleasure. Took me a whole day (literally about 6hrs), but I stopped heaps (usually to get more fuel :) ) and had heaps of fun. Did the last 20k's from Busso with a carton of beer at my feet.

    God I miss that little scoot.

  6. ROFL :LOL: ...and here's me thinking I was the only one that realized on Day One of my scooterdom "Hey!!! ... a slab will fit right THERE..." :grin:

    Well looks like I'm gonna have to get used to the joys of long distance commuting ... I have a new girlfriend... in AUGUSTA (150 k's south of where I am in Bunbury)!!!! :shock:

    *Starts singing (slightly off key - and with apologies in advance to any hc Steppenwolf fans)*

    Get your moped runnin'
    Get on Bussel Highway
    Look out for that Commodore
    He's not giv-ing way

    Yeah Darlin' gonna make it happen
    A two hour drive that takes all day
    I finally get there covered in crap
    But with a grin on my face

    Like a true nature's child
    We were born, born to be Mild
    There's a truck on my ars*
    I think I'm gonna dieeee

    Booorrrrn to be Miiiiiiillllld!!!

    Booorrrrn to be Miiiiiiillllld!!!

    *wanders off mumbling*It's early... give me a break...
    I'll be much better after my coffee.... honest I will.... :wink:
  7. hehehe, thats great mate.

    Just checked out the photos in your sig - thats genius. love the council workers vest! :p
  8. Well the vest came about after nearly being flattened twice in the local shopping centre car park in one day by suburban mums driving monster truck style 4WD Urban Assault Vechiles that would make Hummer proud ... kinda my way of saying "NOW say 'Sorry I didn't see you...' you @#$%^&* clowns!" :twisted:

    ...and the "Born to be Mild" on the back came about because ... well.... just because... :) ...it's kinda become my siggy not only on the Net but IRL too I guess LOL :) .... *shrugs* P'haps because I did all my REALLY wild stuff in my teens and twenties in and around Darlinghurst/Surry Hills in Sydney I'm just having an Anti-Mid Life Crisis... :wink: ...or p'haps it's just my way of getting back at my ex (Drac/Marissa) for all the times she droned on (and on and on...) about her old Harley (PIC LINK) from the "good ol' daze" of her mis-spent youth in Adelaide and Perth - and how she was badder than I could ever hope to be... I was a Punk in 1977-84 - she was a biker in the same era) .... anyway she's a dedicated cage driver now... tho' she DOES like to harp on about "the good ol' daze" :roll: - Oh how the mighty have fallen :p

    *shrugs* whatever... it's interesting to see the smiles, blank stares, and belly laughs in the rear view mirror when people read the jacket as I'm waiting for the lights to change :cool:
  9. Yep, yep, yep! I love the little beasties. Even my slower than a wet weak Today 50 still has my undying love & appreciation despite having upgraded to a 125cc. I'm in Perth however & so possibly not much good to you
  10. *looks at my watch* Well if I leave RIGHT NOW I could meet you in the New Year :LOL:

    Yeah... there really IS a special something about the 50's that those that have never had one will NEVER understand... Altho' I'm looking forward to a 250cc that I've promised myself for my next birthday I don't think I'll sell the 50... it will still get a regular run for years to come I reckon :grin:
  11. I'm another perthie currently putting around on a red bowell jolie.

    Been trying for some time to get the time to do lessons for the two fiddy licence. Probably have to quit my current job to do so as I am not going to wait forever. One of the downs of the boom. Severely understaffed, holidays mounting up and earning heaps of money via overtime and no time to spend any of it.
    Looking at maybe a le grande, firenze, forza or something like that, two seater cruiser so I can cart myself and the missus around town and get easy parking at events like red bull and fireworks.
    Though I could be tempted by the bike, it is something I will decide on when I get the license.

    How is old bunna these days anyway? Last time I was there was in 1993 for the bunbury car hi fi competition with my trophy snatching sigma. Yeah, those where the dayz!![/url]
  12. Man those Bowell Jolie's are popular :) ... seems to be the scooter of choice here at netriders :)

    How's Bunbury??

    Well... when I first moved here in Dec '97 I honestly thought "What a #$%& hole!!!!! Everything - and I DO mean EVERYTHING - closes at midday (sharp) on Saturday... and don't even THINK of looking for a bottle-o that's open on Sunday *rolls eyes* This has to be the only cemetery with traffic lights!!!!"

    But now... *sighs* ... I'm starting to think that Bunbury has gotten a little tooooo big... *shrugs* Hell! I KNOW that I ain't gotten any older in the past 10 years so it's gotta be something else, right? :wink: ... and I'm thinking of moving just a little bit further out of town to avoid the rat race...

    When I lobbed here outta a clear blue sky I'd read the "Police Roundup" in the local rag and there'd be items about kids throwing stones on roofs in Australind and a car dumped in the main street of Bunbury and stuff like that... now we have rapes, murders and muggings just like regular folks :shock: :cry: ...but at least I can now jump on the scooter and go to the bottle-o on a Sunday and pick up a slab to hold between my knees on the way home :wink:

    But more seriously... I used to larf till I wet when people talked about the 'City of Bunbury' ten years ago... but now it is definitely getting big and busy enough to warrant the title of a small city... and has all the good (and bad) points that go with it too now...
  13. Dday from another 'Perthite' - (well suburban Perth) - vmoto 50cc rider. Just signed up so this is my first post.

    Scootering around Perth and suburbs is really on the go.

    When I first started using a scooter about 2 years ago (I borrowed one to get to work when my car broke down and promptly got hooked), It felt like I was the only scooter on the road :!: Mine was certainly the only scooter in the staff carpark :!: ! :LOL: not so now!


    anyway cheers WA Scooterphiles,