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Any other unlucky B@stards at work today!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Comrade, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Got to work in 20 minutes on the bike today (usually 45 minutes). No one at work accept another person. The only lunch place open was the one I got food poisoned at 2 years ago and I can hear the crowd going nuts at the G every time a batsman goes out!

    Not happy

  2. Why is that unlucky? 2 people at work is fantastic. plus you get to keep you're leave for when you want it.
  3. Not if it's your arch nemesis...AntiAirConMAN
  4. I was happy with quicker journey, cricket on tv (even though Im not really a cricket fan it's better than the arguements I was having with my boss) and keeping my leave for other days rather than the slack fest it currently is meant to be... Though I am working lol ;)
  5. It's quiet at work here as well. Thankfully the admin people have stocked the fridges with milk so we're right there. And it's a 15 min round trip to get lunch (fish and chips on Boxing Day, Subway the next).

    Nightshifts are getting back to normal routine as dayworkers and maintenance people are now back, albeit as a skeleton crew.
  6. like a ghost town at my work. Also love the no traffic in Sydney, a week of utopia.
  7. Yesterday was so boring I packed it in at lunchtime, and this morning I'm just waiting for you lot to get off the roads so I can go cruising.
    I can almost taste the pies at KV now...
  8. all those slackers....................give me your jobs :)
  9. I am at work. Also a very quick trip in Brisbane, streets are dead.

    We have got our own mezzanine level in our clients office, all but one of our staff are here. Peering through the glass to the level below its pretty dead.

    We have our Christmas party tomorrow! Not sure how it ended up after Christmas, but it works for me and it was easier to get bookings!
  10. Spare a thought for us retail workers, eh? Holiday season my ass.
  11. Well at least your donkey got some time off...
  12. Whats work,

    Ive retired, Hahahahahahaha
  13. I might have some days off now, but I can guarantee I'd work more public holidays, special yearly events and miss birthdays, Christmas', New Years' etc etc more than most !
    Part of the work we all choose to do...to pay the bills etc.
    Working on a certain day/time of year to cumulate leave for when we choose to take it is a real bonus though !
    Don't work too hard guys...and hopefully you'll have New Year's off to join in for the countdown.

  14. Working now. But come 5:30 it's straight up to reefton !!
  15. I'm at work today and tomorrow.
    Anyone care?

    Thought not.
  16. Here in the car industry, as I sit and work I ponder where workers rights really are.

    I am on 2 weeks sick leave, but working - as otherwise the work piles up cos no one else will/can do it.We are open on the weekend, which means we get sundays and a day off during the week, unless there is a public holiday, where our RDO disapears, cos you 'have to come to work sometime'.
    Payslip says 38 hrs week, work from 8am to 6pm, unless we have a late customer, and we 'stay for free'. Lunch is when you can get it, sometimes never.
    so, working when I should be resting, losing a days pay, not getting a public holiday, it all looks really in my favour!

    BTW, not pulling a sickie, have had hand surgery, and cant use my left hand for a while. Cant ride the bike either!

    yeah, I must be an unlucky bastard too!
  17. Peter you on a contract or enterprise agreement or what?
    You are getting ripped mate.
  18. Also at work.... in body but not in mind or spirit :)
  19. #20 bulby, Dec 29, 2011
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    At work too. Relatively busy but not flat out. Better than having nothing to do, I guess :)