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Any other Two-strokers in Sydney

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Two-stroker, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    Are there any other Two-strokers out there around Sydney who want to join a few of us RZ350 fanatics for some rides?
    There's also a KR1-S and TZR250 who come with us.

    I have an RD350LC hybrid with an RZ350 donk.
    We usually go to the Biker's Stop or down south to the National Park.
    If you do wanna hook up, just PM me here.

  2. Almost makes me wish that I lived in Sydney. I've imported an immaculate '89 TDR250 from the UK - it's a TZR250 parallel twin in a motard-type frame, sold by Yamaha in Europe and Japan as an answer to the Supermotard series that started at around that time. It was voted 'Hooligan Bike of the Century' by the UK Performance Bikes magazine (and yes, they were right), and I reckon that it's the only one in Aus. Have you ever seen one here?
  3. Yep.. I have seen one.. 2 years ago one was for sale in the trading post (melbourne)... went to take a look at it... Fell in love with it.. and the price was just fantastic $1000 the owner thought it was a customised TZR250... Sad thing he crushed it after I payed him the deposit!!!

    How would I go about importing one?? Can you PM me instructions/procedure??
  4. Lordtb - importing a TDR

    The procedure is easy.

    1. Grow up in the UK (the first 40 years is generally the worst)
    2. Look out for a good TDR. This involves hundreds of fruitless searches around the country looking at bloody awful ones described as 'vgc'
    3. Meet an Australian girl on holiday
    4. Find a mint TDR (unbelievably) about 5 minutes from where you live
    5. Marry girl
    6. Fill in 20 forms to emigrate
    7. Fill in 450 forms to export the TDR
    8. Arrive here, and realise that it's the best country in the world. You lucky bastards!
    9. Ride around in sunshine on dry roads. Wow!

    That about covers it. Any questions?
  5. Darn... I was looking of geting one from japan... but all my profesional leads lead to $1 with many zeros behind it... so I was thinking of doing it as a personal inport (I only want one)...
  6. I would be incredibly wary of importing one of these things without seeing or riding it. Virtually every one I had seen had been either crashed or wheelied over backwards (the YPVS is a bit vicious....). This one took me about three years to find - personally, I reckon it's probably one of the best examples left in the world. Wife vs. Bike - it's a tough one..............