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Any other suggested bike (not 250) other than GS500?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Leakey, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been reading as much as I can on here and other sites re: first bikes, and I only want to spend under $3500 for my first bike.

    There are a few CBR/ZZX/etc 250's out there at the moment, hardly any VTR250's around that price, and while a lot of people have suggested the GS500 I don't really like it and don't find it that comfortable (maybe I need to adjust the bars?).

    Are there any other bikes, preferably over 250cc, that you could suggest I look at? I like the VFR400 but as I understand they are grey imports and probably not the best choice if I want to keep the cost of repairs down.

    (edit: changed 2500cc to 250cc)
  2. Thanks ZRX,

    I was kinda hoping for any recommendations though. I just don't really know enough about such a huge range of possible bikes, although I do want a 'road' bike (faired or not).
  3. Don't expect anything better than a near new scooter at sub $3500.
    For a half decent LAMS style bike you are up for at least $5000 (assuming second hand).
    Ducati Monster is probably the best LAMS complicit bike out on the list.
  4. Leakey,

    First, I got your PM mate, but can't reply to you, so email me. My email is on my profile.

    You are 30?
    I assume you have had a NSW car license for 5 years or more?

    Go and get your unrestricted class R straight away, and buy a decent bigger bike straight up, saves buying and selling a bike you might not really want in such a short timeframe.
  5. You're 30, can you get the mayor's exemption? If so, ride a cheapie for three months, get your Ps and shop from a much wider range :)

    Failing that, what kind of riding are you doing? ...and how tall/fat are ya? :LOL:
  6. If you've got a little mechanical nous, that sort of budget would get you a half decent Suzuki GS550, Kawasaki KZ550 or Z650.

    These are old bikes, with all the associated pitfalls, but they're all fours with enough performance and handling to keep you interested and enough practicality to act as sole means of transport (BTDT).
  7. Well theres Suzuki GSX250F Across, Kawasaki zx2r for some other inline four 250's to look at.

    Oops, just saw you dont want a 250. For under 3.5k you aint going to find much that aint 15+ years old...
  8. Thanks all,

    you pretty much answered my question. I'm 30, and can get an unrestricted bike, I just don't want to buy a newie because of the odds of dropping it.

    I'll have to spend a bit more it looks like.

  9. Yamaha XJ600 Seca


    Made early to mid-90's so still useable. Very mild 600cc 4-cylinder engine, 60hp, perfect for a learner (though not learner legal), enough to keep you happy past the initial learning phase.

    Their very mild specification, basic looks, and the whole practicality of the package means they're unpopular and hence very cheap used.

    The best thing about it is the price. You can find a useable bike for your budget.
  10. $3500 isn't a lot of $ to buy a LAMS bike, you'll be restricted to GS500's and some older road bikes and a reasonable selection of road/trail bikes.

    There are more 250's available in that price range to be honest.

    The thing is... LAMS hasn't been around long so there aren't a lot of recent 2nd hand LAMS bikes around either, and the ones that are out there are fairly new and over your budget.
  11. I wouldn't buy a parts bin special, yes they are cheap, but when you try to sell it, you will end up giving it away.
  12. If you're unrestricted then there's plenty of options for $3500, the prices of LAMS bikes are artificially high. As Kols suggested there's plenty of XJ600s around cheap, could also look at something like an early GSX750/600F or Bandit 600.
    Or maybe look at something older like a Honda CB750, Suzuki GS850, or Kawasaki 750 which don't have a scary amount of power although they are very heavy bikes.
  13. Or you can sell it for what you bought it for? It's not like they're going to substantially depreciate. Cheap running costs, very tough reliable engine.