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Any other artists/illustrators/designers on here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by van, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I thought I might take this opportunity to see if I'm the only artistically inclined soul on NetRider! My girly and I are both artists - she more of a traditional painter and illustrator but also loves designing tattoos - and I'm more of a cartoon/urbanistic illustrator as well as a graphic designer.

    It's handy to network, and forums are a good way to find likeminded people for sharing ideas and farming out work, not to mention scoring the odd commission or contract here and there!

    Anyway, here's a link to some of my doodles, so if any of you are artists or whatever, speak up!

  2. man, that is some good stuff, wish i can draw like that, the best i can do is stick figure people.
  3. I'm a character artist of sorts. Working at a computer games studio here in Brisbane.
  4. I work as a graphic designer... And draw/sketch and sometimes paint in my spare time.

    Hey Van, does your GF sell her tattoo designs? I've been falling in love with the art of tattooing (check tattoo thread for my latest) - I'm kind of thinking about getting a tattooing apprenticeship or something (but sadly on skin there's no undo button...).

    EDIT : oh and Van your illustrations rock hard mate!
  5. Great work , may have to chat to you about my next Helmet design , I need some work done for my painter. I will Pm you .
  6. My husband and children are all quite adept at drawing, thank goodness they don't take after me :LOL:. The kids can spend hours drawing, doodling or cartooning and I love the effort that they put in to it.

    I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so I really appreciate anyone's work who does. You have some great work there Van. I hope you get as much enjoyment from doing it as we do from looking at it.

    Does your gf sell her designs? I like my tattoos to be a bit different to the usual run of the mill stuff and have a couple of ideas I want to get drawn up.

    How did she get into designing tatt? This is my middle son't ambition :shock:
  7. I spent 6 years as a graphic designer, now i print photo's.
    My wife is a photographer (and works for HRT, im sooo jealous).

    So there is plenty of artwork floating around the hard drives of my computers and plenty of paint and crap in her creative room (spare room full of crap that i shudder to think about).

    Trying to be creative on computers is boring me lately, ive become very interested in making my motorbike as shiny as possible, ill spend hours in the garage polishing and waxing everythin i can get to. Great fun.
  8. I'm a de facto designer, I've built a bunch of websites and done a lot of logos, brochures, a few CD covers, that sort of thing.

    Chengaleng is a pretty good illustrator, she might get back into that someday.
  9. Ah this is awesome, looks like there's plenty of artistically inclined folks on here!

    Bluplet: Damn man, I'm jealous! For a while there I wanted to work at Torus down here in Melbourne, but I let that aspiration fall to the wayside for some reason or another.. Hook a brother up eh? ;)

    CountMacula: Nice one! Got some artwork you can throw up for us to gawk at? I'm not sure if Lo's ever sold any of her tattoo designs, but she's certainly done a few for free, for her sister and various friends. She definitely should they, because she does great work!

    CruisinGal: Aw, thanks! Glad you dig my work :). And yeah, regarding Lo's tattoos; refer above. Hehe.

    Adge: Aw, no more design at all? That's a shame! That's awesome that your lady works for HRT though, does that mean she's responsible for their promo shots and so forth? Sweet!

    Loz: Got any of yours of Chengaleng's work to show?

    Thanks for the good feedback folks!
  10. Hook a brother up eh? You want some black-market pens and pencils? Yea we got 'em but don't tell anyone. :p

    Doesn't look like we're after any concept/2d art peeps at the moment though, if that's what you're after???
  11. you working at chrome?

    sounds like you're a 3d man too?

    I'm an artist for a small studio here in Melbourne. good fun since I get to write/direct my stuff for the most part.
    Been thinking about moving on but when your brief is "make a cool space battle - take your time, no pressure" it is pretty hard to let go :LOL: