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Any other '1st day'ers this week?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. My little boy started school today! Such a proud Dad :grin:


    Anyone else?

  2. Next year for my daughter... can't wait, actually :)
  3. Well my youngest is in year 1 and the eldest in yr 10, but they are soooo cute when they first start :LOL:
  4. My youngest started secondary school....yayyy! :grin:
  5. I wonder how long his mum is going to iron creases in his shorts :LOL: :LOL:
  6. How's the serenity?

    First thing the wife and I did when we packed our two off to school was to go for a ride and a nice lunch.

    I won't say what the second thing we did was........... :eek:
  7. Woz it aftarnoon tee??/?
  8. It was more than a snack :wink:
  9. Oh cool, early dinner then. Very common in summer.

    Just checking we weren't talking about WILD HOT SEX!
  10. [​IMG]

    Anyone have any undelete software that I can run over my CF card :(

    The wife, who is in IT mind you, managed to delete all of the pics that were taken on the first day.

    I downloaded some software and the pics are on the card but its a demo and it wont let me rescue the pics.
  11. Hey Vic, do you get the same query asn I do when i show pics of my kids.
    "Gee how can a bloke with a mug like yours have such addorable kids????"
  12. Vic, I was on a photo site www.passionforpixels.com and noticed someone recommending a product called 'ZeroAssumption'. I am sure there are other products, the most important thing is not to write any more data to the disk. A simple delete (or even a quick format) doesn't delete the data, just the reference to it.
  13. We had our eldest off to school for the very first time today.

    1 down 1 to go....

  14. Take a look over here at PhotoRec. Have not used it as yet. Freeware.
  15. Never Phear! I'll save j00!

    *goes hunting on his computer full of junk*
  16. Cheers Hipster Doofus. Photorec worked a treat.

    The finance dept, aka the wife, used the same card the following day to get more pics :(

    We only managed to lose 2 pics out of them all, recovered the rest.

  17. Good to hear vic. :)

    I'm just glad I got someone to test it for me. :LOL: