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Any optimists out there?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. how do you do it?

    no, really. this is a genuine question.

    i don't mean how do you stay grateful or positive. i can practice that, and do.... and for the most part, i am. but i find it extremely hard to be 'optimistic' about the future of the world (environmentally, politically, economically etc) and what that might mean for my child. i don't say that in a cynical, world-weary, jaded way. i mean all the ugly stuff in the world genuinely gets me down and creates a gloomy backdrop to my life.

    religious people generally seem more optimistic, but if you don't believe it, you don't believe it, so let's not go there. There are polititians i admire (very few, but some), geo-political commentators I read, and human rights activists I know of, who see much more of the ugliness of the world than i do, and who maintain an optimistic outlook.

    Perhaps i should read martin selgiman's book. but hey, netrider feedback is so much more entertaining so i thought i'd run it by you. any ideas?
  2. I try to be functional more than emotional. Getting caught up in emotions and the games of peoples lives only detracts from reality.
  3. I find thinking about positive things and avoiding paying unnecessary attention to negative things tends to eventually increase ones own level of positivity.

    Conversely paying more attention to negatives and less to positives leads to increasing levels of negative feelings in oneself.

    Think feedback loop, or progressive reinforcement of a particular state of mind.

    Can't concentrate on positives? Then avoid as many negatives as possible, don't watch the news, don't read the papers, don't talk to or interact with negative people any more than you absolutely have too.
  4. Optimists. Ha. They are either living in complete ignorance of the world, or they are getting let down all the time. Cynicism is where it's at - your predictions are often right and when they aren't its a pleasant surprise.
  5. Get a hobby. Distraction is the only answer.
  6. realistically i am optimistically cynical.

    i'll put my nads out on the line and say that um, *cough* women are more *cough* "optimistic" than men are...

  7. Honestly, things today really aren't that bad, we have the threat of climate change and a couple of wars that only affect the people of those countries and the soldiers involved. The GFC was over in a heart beat. Compare today to the darkest days of ww2 or the depression or the cold war and you'll really see things ain't that bad. Relax and live happy and don't worry. Do your bit, but at the end of the day the worst climate change can do to us is insignificant compared to what we've already done. To ourselves.
  8. bing, we have a winner. emotions are for suckers.
  9. The first consideration in finding an answer to the question is whether or not you'll find the answer inside yourself or outside. Given that you know yourself very well, you already know the answer to that question.

    The second consideration is the 'filter' through which you are reading the world around you, and how much trust their interpretation. Man is a wicked beast, more prone to selfishness and its outgrowths than to kindness and altruism, but things have undoubtedly been darker, as noted above. I would not like to have been living in the Dark Ages, for example.

    The third consideration is that how your child grows up needs to be mainly effected by your life and philosophy than by others' perceptions of what the world is, or may be. Climate change is a boogy-man being used by sinister people for controlling agendas; one child in Victoria is unlikley to be directly effected, even if it's partially true. You need to control and determine the climate in your family; you need to create the child's world.

    See, I didn't mention the other subject once :LOL:
  10. Darlings I love being emotional, after all no man is an island.........
    Nothing like a good tantie to blow out the cobwebs......

    Sweeties we are a long time dead............every morning I wake up, I giggle with excitement. Why? because I own my own reality......
  11. Life is much better now than it has ever been, it's all about perception.
    I'm glad to be alive in this time frame.
    I do not sit there and watch the media sensationalising every little thing we do and how life really is.

    Life is good and will only get better.
  12. Getting rid of the TV is a good starting point.

    (Not that I have).
  13. ..If you wake up in the morning.. you are quids in!!... (y)
  14. When I compare myself to my peers, I'm pretty lucky. And when I compare myself across countries, I'm even luckier. And when I compare myself across countries and in the context of history, I'm get-real, super spoilt-brat luckier than anyone could ever deserve to be.

    We are living in an amazing place, where we have glorious food in multicultural abundance, pretty much free access to modern medicine, and fairly accessible education. We live in a time where we have supercharged technology, giving us access (real or virtual) to the entire planet, its people and it's knowledge.

    This is the pinnacle - because, yes, your children are going to go back to having the resource issues of yore. And I know where you are coming from, cos that gets me down sometimes too - but here we are at the very top of the rollercoaster ride....enjoy the view.
  15. I am a doomer. We are facing a set of converging catastrophes of peak oil, climate changes, resource depletion, aquafir drawdown and population growth. We are about to enter the worst period in human history.

    I'm at peace with this. I'm not depressed, I just make the most of everyday. Have fun for today.
  16. just as well then that the bloke who built the place in the first place is still in control of it, eh?
  17. many thanks for your thoughts one and all. by way of clarification, i am grateful on a daily basis for the time and place in which we live as a generation and nation. i take my son to the park almost every day and give thanks for the peace and prosperity (and occassional sunshine) that allows us to enjoy such pleasures. I am accutely aware of how insanely lucky we are compared to other nations on earth and times in history, though i never tire of being reminded. I am also exceptionally blessed in my life with a wonderfully supportive partner, happy healthy kid, self-employment, work i enjoy.... oh, and a bloody outstanding bike and group of NR friends. really, it doesn't get much better than this!!

    the part i find harder to believe is this......

    the 'gloomy backdrop' i refer to in my OP is a sense of impending doom rather than current.

    perhaps Hornet you're right. maybe someone/something out there has it all under control. it would be nice to believe.

    Ratticus - you're right. i need to own my own reality more and as others have said, stop letting the media in to run me. it's just that there's so much fun and genuinely interesting stuff there too!
  18. It is called depressive realism.
    To be happy, humans need to suffer from 3 cognative bias. Illusory superiourity, Perception of control and optimism bias. People with depressive realism tend to lack bias in their cognative thoughts. So if you want to be happy, you need to find a way of deluding yourself with a bias. CBT is usually good for that!
  19. I just ignore the bad shit. The media gives the impression that we are on the brink of global meltdown and the collapse of the western world, but the reality is that very few people are affected in a direct way. I can't say that I or anyone close to me has been affected in any way by any of the issues regularly reported in the media. Maybe we're lucky, and I'm certainly not a head in the sand person, but day-to-day, just get up, play with the kids, teach them to be good, plan for next year' holiday.... that's enough for me. Sure, I think about the long term future, especially with a young family around me, but as everyone else has said, even if we take a bit of a downturn from here, we'll still be in relatively good shape.

  20. You are deluding yourself if that's what you believe.