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any opinions on Alice springs?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by helent, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    Looks like we may be making a move to Alice Springs (husband has been offered a job there). I went for a quick visit last week and it seemed OK, but wondered if anybody had some words of wisdom on the place before I hand my notice in etc..

    So far, good points are -

    Husband will be earning enough to keep me if I don't want to work - first time ever - looking forward to spending every morning in the gym, and I will have more time to spend with my son (now 8).

    Government schools all seemed OK, and given the amount of kids there who seemed to have special needs, my boy will probably fit right in there.

    Everything is close and within 10 mins drive and Coles is open 24/7 unlike the backwater we call Perth.

    Bad points -

    Not sure I would want to do too much riding on the open road - too many road trains!

    Was looking forward to weekend rides to country motels.

    We will have renters possibly trashing our lovely brand new house in Perth that we have just built for the next 2 years or so.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Just make sure you stay well away from the Todd River, especially at night.
  3. Dunno 'bout Alice... but I slept with her sister :shock:

    Seriously now...
    Haven't stayed in Alice longer than a coupla days at a time, and that was a loooong time ago, but everywhere has good and bad suburbs.

    How long you going to stay there? A coupla years I guess from the renting the house bit. I guess it really doesn't matter too much.

    I'd think about a road trail or "adventure tourer" style bike, more useful in Alice I'd guess (off the bitumen and onto the dirt)... unless you like long straight roads... :cry:
  4. Yes, I saw the local friendly picnickers in the river bed while I was there, with their hampers of VB!

    And yes, 2 years is what we are thinking (after 2 years, we get the relocation costs to get everything back to Perth again).

    The off/road or dual bike sounds good - but I am only just about to do my test (if I can ever get one booked that my instructor can get to). In WA, that means 250cc for another year - don't know what the NT regulations are - I did look on their website, but it was pretty shocking and not very useful, so couldn't tell how long I would have to wait to get a bigger bike there.
  5. +111111111111 !!!!!!

    Ive been to AS about 9+ times, lost count, they almost consider me honorary resident :LOL:

    The colourful locals are kinda friendly whilst in "picnic" mode during the day at the Todd, plus while they are sitting in the middle of it but its different at night when they head for the town streets. You may get a little disturbed by some outbursts during day hours as well (in shopping malls etc) but its normal behaviour so just dont get involved.

    I understand the local schools & education asre good. Plenty of sporting & family type of clubs / communities to be involved in. Due to being so remote if you get a bit stir crazy but dont forget you can bus, train & plane if you dont ride but there is always someone running some kind of event or thing to do so time usually flies. Alice is kind of designed as a family place, so if youre in a family its good, not so good if youre single.

    There are some top areas to live / rent. If youre able to get close to the casino its a good estate, little pricey but all good, nice houses, nice people etc. Fresh food items will cost a little more so you will need to increase your grocery budget as all items are truck/railed in.

    If youre moving soon, I would go for your bike licence in NT as no cc restrictions after you get it but their licence course I think runs over 2 days, not sure of the fees but I know its less than in Vic.

    Hope this helps !?!
  6. I can only vouch for the medical facilities when over there in June for the Finke desert race. Best Specialists and staff in the country (and they love to see some fairer people in there :wink: ).

    Because of the demographics, they attract a lot of government funding and can offer the best.

    I would assume the educational system is the same.
  7. i was there for 2 hours and all i can offer is that it was HOT!!!
  8. That all sounds good - not enough to put me off from thinking about moving anyway. Heat? Yes, I suppose, but the climate data suggests an average summer temp of about 36/37, which I'm sure is pretty similar to where I am now!!

    This whole state regulation thing confuses the hell out of me. If I pass my test in NT, I can then get any bike I want, it is unrestricted? But what if i pass my test here and then move to NT, transferring my licence over - surely their rules then apply, meaning I can still get any bike I want?

    I guess I should try and make some phone calls to find out.