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Any one like my new female model

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Any one like my new talent model - local woman I approached at my local shopping centre one day and asked if she would be interested - which she was

    Have hidden her face at momment as didnt get permission to put her on here - actually havent told her yet her pic is here

    she is 160cm and weighs 47kg - carmen electra style basically

    Maybe I could give Browny lessons ?


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  2. ahh crap the poll didnt work
  3. I would have clicked
    Hell ****ing yes! Where can I find one?
  4. The options for the poll were going to be

    OH WOW



  5. Now you have thrown that out there... Is that a tranny?
  6. let me ask you this - do you want it to be ? lol

    nah she is all 100 % natural woman - and very nice too - too bad there s a big age difference between her and I
  7. haha nice!
    Age is just a number my friend...
  8. Actually what impresses me is her maturity about it all - i was honest explained I like her look and proportions etc and how I want to use her in some photoshoots etc

    she was a=ok with everything - she is okay that I have to get up close and personal to measure her up for some of the new jeans/eather jackets/corduba jackets and T shirts etc

    she is polite well spoken friendly intelligent and was very approachable

    she was in no way aloof or stuck up - as 99% of canberra women tend to be

    its funny she is 160cm 47 kg and i am 187cm and 112kg now

    she has started to train with me in the gym now and then - to get some pointers on how to rip up a little more to look like a fitness model

    the young guys in the gym their jaws dropped when we walked in - but they didnt stare - with me around at my size I think they were to scared too LOL
  9. haha. She sounds like an absolute keeper! Great package with personality and looks like that!
    Might have to sign her up as a long term face of Moto Legion!
  10. Hot bod, butterface?
  11. not good enough mate she is wearing clothes
    I wanna see flesh lots of flesh and other bits
  12. no she actually has a very pretty face with very discernable features ( eg no double chins or fat cheeks etc )

    I will keep her face a secret until the studio shots are done for the web page etc
  13. great tits, smee is right though, strip it off

  14. Appreciate the sentiment my friend and the support

    however the only way a guy like me can get laid is ...............

    to crawl up a chickens arse and wait a little while :) lol I crack me up - the yolks on me huh LOL oh I crack me up again
  15. ahh, that's why.
  16. I'm sure she's beautiful, but not my thing.

    Not a fan of that kinda girl advertising bike clothing. Puts me off a bit.

    Good God I sound like a pissy little feminist. I'm probably the exception anyway.
  17. Why not get a real female rider to model the clothes? You can put ads up here or in bike shops and get a girl who actually rides rather than some chick that most female riders wouldn't have the body of anyways (too skinny).

    i'm not saying you need a fat chick etc, just that riders like another rider as the clothes hanger.

    example - would you want a guy on tampon ads telling you how good they are? no, we want a chick to do that who has supposedly tried them.
  18. What about her personality?

    That matters to me when buying motorcycle gear.
  19. i'm not going on about feminist bullshit.

    i'm just saying that her figure is unreasonable for most chicks the ride bikes.

    plus, wouldn't you rather a hot chick in bike clothes who can also take a bike to a track and whop some guys arses?