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Any one know where to get a set of twin headlights?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by fingers89, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Hows it going everybody?

    I have a suzuki bandit 250 1993 model, and i was wondering if anybody knew where i could get a set of twin headlights, to replace my single one?

    Ive seen a video on youtube where the guy had the twins, and they looked awesome.

    any help would be appreciated.

    cheers fingers89
  2. I'd try stores aimed primarily at streetfighters eg http://ausfr.com.au/ I wouldn't expect them to be cheap though

    For some lights on the cheap side maybe try a wreckers for stock dual headlight bikes eg speed triple/buell. I'm not sure how your results would be though.
  3. Austreetfighter and Zpower both sell twin headlight setups online (do your own search, I'm too knackered tonight :? ).
    In my experience 2nd hand original gear is WAY overpriced in comparison.
  4. Which city you located in, fingers?
  5. hey mate.

    Im in Sydney, out near parramatta. why do you ask hotcam???

  6. If you were in Melb I could recommend a place. Now a Sydneysider will know to do so...
  7. Not sure where my brother got the twin headlights, but have posted the link to the guy who turned his into a street fighter...


    Hope it brings you some inspiration, and maybe some contacts to source parts...
  8. Cheers mate. I owe ya one.

  9. I expect lots of photos in the garage when you're bike is done!!
  10. When I converted my GS500F to an E, I fitted twin headlights.

    I bought them from the UK's streetfighterstore.co.uk.

    ** sorry about no hyperlink, but it seems this board has some 5 posts lunacy... **

    They were much cheaper than anywhere else that I could find (including locally). They are a good quality, all-metal item - and come with the H4 plug which means that you should be able to just plug them straight in.

    I didn't bother with any of the mounting brackets (which all seem ludicrously overpriced IMO). I just went down to the wreckers and picked up some cheek-pieces and ground, drilled and painted them to suit.

    I'm more than happy with them - they provide plenty of light with the bulbs that come with the unit. But you can always upgrade the bulbs later, if you feel the need to see through time! :p
  11. Sounds like you're after "dominator" style lights:

    http://tinyurl.com/32yhax (ebay example)

    You can get some through Ben Shaw's Extreme Creations in Sydney - this guy is a world-class streetfighter guru of epic proportions. Good luck going into his shop and coming out with only one purchase! :grin: