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Any one know anything about Boomerangs??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Woodsy, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Ok, all you wise and wondefull Netriders, is there any one knows anything about Boomerangs???

    Apart from you throw them and they SHOULD come back i know SFA about the whole boomerang thing, i've read up on the history, how to throw, about the comps, etc BUT i thought if any one here is actualy in to booms (aparently thats what ther called by people in the scene) they could give me some pointers.

    I'm about to score some from here http://www.realboom.com.au/

    as a trade for some stuff from my other hobby RC planes see web site here http://users.nex.net.au/~rwood/ yes , yes i know i've got broken links.
  2. Actually I don't think they should come back - boomerangs are supposed to be weapons, are they not? I think the ones designed to come back are only a recent invention, for sport purposes. And that just about exhausts my knowledge of them... :p
  3. Often called Rangs also.
    I throw the polycarbonate, olyimpic style ones made in Oz at this site.

    Some are really easy to throw.
    My fave is the rad-rang, easy to throw, big or small circles, can be caught after some practice.

    The Superhook needs LOTS of area, does a huge circle.
    The Funrang is too light for real throwing, I do not find the Hornet that good either.
    But the Rad and the Hook work great.
    I normally throw on a cricket oval or a beach when the tide is way out.
    They spin fast and are hard, keep well away from other people.
    Passerby and bystanders have lost an eye several times over the years.
    The trouble is if you get good at throwing and catching you soon attract a crowd.
    I insist everyone stands at least 20 feet behind me, as I know where the Rang will come back.
    Good luck, have fun mate.
    (All the world champ rang throwers are bloody American.)
    Cheers: Jaq.
  4. What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back??

    A stick :rofl:
  5. thats interesting :p
  6. yeah... they hurt... :oops:
  7. We used to enjoy throwing home made boomerangs from 2 wooden rulers + string back in primary school days.
  8. Thanks Jaqhama and others, i guess :?

    Looks like i'm just going to have to start throwing and see what happens.

    at least i can fit one of these on the back of the bike, never could figure out how to get one of my planes on safly.
  9. I did know some stuff about boomerangs once, and it's coming back to me......

    {Anyone else old enough to remember "My boomerang won't come back", by Charlie Drake? Tsk tsk, not politically correct these days!!! :LOL:}
  10. they had a thing on ABC radio last week loosly based around songs with a 'native' theme and they played it then, funny song.