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Any one going to the Ulysses AGM in Coffs Harbour on 21/5

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User4, May 10, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if any people from Netrider are going to this event.


    Every year it is held in different parts of the country and has a huge gathering of motorbikes and older riders. Its held on the 21st - 28th of May 2007. I went last year to the one in Ulverstone Tasmania and it was amusing. There will be expected 7000 plus bikes there this year with manufacturers offering their latest bikes for test rides.

    I'm leaving Melbourne (havent confirmed departure date yet) to head up there for several days so if anyone wants to tag along let me know

  2. Are you a Ulysses member smartee ? not that it matters just curious as the best place to catch up with others is on the members only Ulysses board.

    I will not be there, I have enough coffee at home :cool:

    Seriously it is looking at being the biggest AGM yet. with almost 6000 registrations so I read.


  3. do you know how long it takes to get 4,999 bike moving along anzac parade in canberra 55 minutes, got it all on vid

    my folks are heading up to coffs for it on the 19 doing it over 2 days and going to nabiac
  4. I would head up, if I was an old bastard.
  5. i'm going to next years in townsville :p
  6. I'd love to go (ulysses #22211) but I can't get the time off work *sigh*.

    Have a good trip :)
  7. But, but, but, you're the boss :?
  8. Well I can tell you there will be a old guy on a Rocket 3 towing a Trailer from Tasmania.

    Sounds like a good event to go to anyway
  9. Yes... but that causes that "the buck stops at my desk" problem.

    I have the next 4 weeks to organise finalise some work from Pitcher Partners that only I (or possibly my sister who's going away for 4 weeks to the US on Friday) can handle.

    If I go away as well it won't get done, and it has to be done in that time frame.
  10. Leaving Sydney's northern suburbs 6.00am Tuesday 22nd. Heading up freeway, then Bucketts Way, Thunderbolts to Armidale and across to Coffs via Waterfall Way :cool:
  11. General consensus amongst many a club is that You-Sissys
    are in the same category as moped riders; that is, they're a
    f*ckin joke. :LOL:

    No one takes em seriously. Not that it matters anyway.

    Those that are going; have a blast. wink1.

  12. any one told you today MG, it's about time

    I am a Ulysses member, want to go for a ride.
  13. Hey I'll be joining you in a few yrs bud! :LOL:

    Not quite old enough.. even though I look it. :evil:
  14. Yeah Im a Ulysses member also. Firstly most of the footage, advice for riding and stunt riding in the Victorian learners video is done by Ulysses members. Remember the old Katana sports bikes from the early 80's, well those guys who were lunatics on them in those days are now older folk whom are still scraping their footpegs in their 60s and 70s still now.

    Also theres a guy in his mid 60s from a Melbourne branch who test rides the Chev V8 powered bikes in the USA riding around along the highways sitting on 125 mph (201kmh). Even a mate of mine in his 70s sits with me on 200 on his Goldwing. Another mate of mine Max who's 67 still scrapes his knees on his Ducati.

    Yes they are mostly older folk and alot are very sedate but there alot who can blow alot decades younger than them still.
  15. Oh shit yeah! Ridiing over Hotham a few years back amd met some of them at Dinner Plain on their way down to Geelong ( they took the scenic route) for AGM. We left the Chalet and they were still suiting up, I was hoofing through the hills and making great time. All of a sudden from nowhere one dude on a big BMW goldwing copy nabs me on a corner and is gone in a flash. His missus ( who i swear looked 80) was sitting on the back knitting.!!!! We couldnt catch em! If youre a hard , fast rider in your 30's , fair chance youre still gonna give it the berries in your 60's. Yeah some of them are a bit fuddy duddy and slow, but certainly dont tar them all with the same brush.

  16. Yes, I'm also heading up to Coffs on 22/05 from Newcastle. Hope to join Toecutter on his way through. Plenty of boys and girls in Ulysses who know how to ride quick. Plenty of money spent on bikes to let them achieve it as well!! Should be a great party. By-the-way: they know how to party with the best of them. :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Think my previous posts wasent clear enough & has given you guys the wrong

    When I said You-Sissys are seen as a joke, I was not referring to how they ride;
    though this is also contributing factor.

    I was actually referring to the fact that they dont have or hold the traditional values
    that clubs do/have.
  18. What makes you draw that conclusion ?

    Now I may not agree with everything Ulysses and I don't do branch rides but remember Ulysses is NOT a bike club, its clearly stated its a social club for older bike riders.

    Back peddling will get you no where :cool:

    You implied Ulysses members are a joke, I would totally disagree with that. There are far more experienced riders capably of running rings around many here in Ulysses than you may be aware of. Lots of ex racers of all types to name a few.

    I rarely see topics of "oh I fell off" on the Ulysses site :LOL:
  19. GOLD :p :p :p
  20. And what are these traditional values?