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any one bought a bike for city yamaha?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Blodders, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. i was looking at a bike from city yamaha on elizibeth st?
    they said they would service it berfore sale... ? are they to be trusted?
    also saw a bike at ray qunicey?
    i'm paranoid after my first bike... self distructed

    Can any one give me pointers i've got the check list from this site.

    :shock: too much i'm over loading, need a trusting knowledgable friend... any one???
  2. well years ago i brought my bike from there- they tried to sell it with an unroadworthy front tyre-- and then when it did not pass the WRC on registering it- they put on a cheap ass CONTINENTAL front rubber- WTF!!!
    being a complete noob i did not know any better -- until an experienced rider pointed it out. all bikes shops sut corners to get the max money out of you- but selling a 1000cc with a real crap front tyre-- thats PURE STUPIDITY AND COMPLETELY DANGEROUS

    i dont go back to them at all.

    NOTE ----this in my opinion and experience.
  3. Have I bought one "for" them, or "from" them?
  4. I would buy 10 bikes from city yamaha before i'd buy one from ray quincey.

    Nuff said.
  5. Avoid City Yamaha. I bought a bike there that self destructed not long after. Being a naive young chap I signed a document that effectively declared the bike faulty in every way and absolved the seller of all and any responsibility.

    Bike Barn down the street are okay though but don't know what they have in the way of second handies

    I don't much trust the dealer s/h market. Seen lots of junk.

    Got to remember that dealers need to minimise their costs and make maximum moolah from the punter.
  6. My truck AND bike I put a deposit down on before they were serviced by the dealer - [purchase subject to my happiness with the test drive, of course].

    They were just to recently in stock for the dealer to have serviced them yet.

    So it depends: it either hasn't been serviced because they haven't got around to it yet... or they are lazy/cheap.
  7. No. I steered clear of both. I was in the trade after all..... and could buy cheaper elsewhere with comfort.


    However I did buy a roadbike off a private seller which was serviced by a yamaha city mechanic, and a racebike sold privately by same yamaha city mechanic. Of course he probably hasnt worked there now for at least a decade.

    So you could say my personal score is yamaha city 2, ray quincy 0.

    At the time I was looking at buying from either/or, ray quincy had more bikes with pretty paintjobs but some things that didnt gel, and scratches on the things that were expensive to replace and couldnt be painted over.

    The attitude of ray quincy's sales people pushing young unexperienced kids to buy RGV250's over GPX250's and ZZR250's (with disastrous consequences over and over again) at the time got a LOT of complaints both within the trade, the insurance industry and the media.

    If you were there in that era then you'd know some of the things that were being said within the media and the trade - I'm sure as heck not going to repeat them and get myself sued......

    In the end, quality of a secondhand buy from a bike store comes down to who the mechanics are at their stores at any given time, and motorbike mechanics are a tempermental lot who will quit pretty easily as they know they can always find work elsewhere.
  8. i bought my first bike from them 4 years ago and i found it was a little overpriced, (2ndhand 250), but the bike did well considering the thrashing i gave it, and i had no major problems. i even sold it for more than what i paid.
  9. I had all my teenage years on dirtbikes, then for my first roadbike, bought a Kwaka KR1S from Quincey's, payed market value for it, so the deal wasn't special at all, but the bike was found to have a damaged gearbox shaft within 6mths of me having it........wouldn't necessarily think Quincey's would know about it at the time of sale.

    Two road bikes later, I traded a Rothmans Replica NSR250 Honda in at City Yam, bought a '93 Yam FZR600 from them, and although they were sceptical about taking the two-stroke NSR, they did the deal, and honestly the FZR was bullet-proof, lasted me years with no failures, and even though I moved up to open-classed sportsbikes, the FZR holds brilliant memories.
    So, all in all, nothing too negative for either dealer from me.
  10. I bought a 1993 CB750 off of Quincey afew years ago and being the noob I was I didn't realise it was a piece of shit. Didn't stop Ray get a good dollar out of me for it and telling me it was a great bike blah blah blah and giving me stuff all discount on a helmet and jacket. After I started to learn about bikes and spent a small fortune keeping it running I worked out I'd just taken one up the Khyber pass. I wont recommend or buy another bike from that man.

    I have just bought a bike off Peter Stevens in the city. I have no problem at all with the service or treatment I got from the salesman (Dave Owens - good bloke) there. I think their service department suck, the presale service was a joke - no air in tyres, no gas in tank, they lost the clip to hold in the battery, they didn't replace a blown globe I pointed out but still gave it a road worthy. Small things, I know, but simple shit like that reflect badly on them when I've just spent thousands of dollars on a bike. Buy a bike off of them, don't get them to service it - until they improve there workshop standards.

    I've also bought a bike from Sunbury Yamaha. The salesman was straight down the line and I was happy to deal with him (forgotten his name, was 5+ years ago), in fact I'd buy another bike off of him tomorrow. Good small shop with nice bikes. Don't know about the service centre as I never dealt with them.

    I've also had some major work done to Mel's bike at City West Yamaha. Those guys are also straight blokes who want to keep you happy and do good work. Highly recommend them.
  11. well thanks for all your stories... all i can tell is that all sales men will do what ever it takes to sell you any old bike....

    thanks guys there goes the paranoia. :shock:

    all the bikes have pro's and con's... none stand out.

    my problem is that i have no idea if the bike i'm looking at is going to fall apart machanically.

    will any one be in the city on saturday and able to join me for a look?
  12. If you sold it for more than you paid, how could it be that you paid too much for it? Surely that means you paid too little for it?

    Umm, I don't think you can generalise THAT far, not EVERY salesperson is out to steal your money and give you a piece of junk. Some are in the industry because they love motorbikes, and riding, and enjoy seeing people get out there on bikes having fun. They SURE ain't in it for the money, there ain't enough of it for that.

    It does pay to know what you want and do your homework though, there will always be a few rotten apples in every barrel whether its sales, mechanics, renting a house, buying a beer at the pub (which might water it down), etc etc etc.
  13. I just bought my '97 CBR600f from Ray's. It was suspiciously clean and had low (20,000) kms. After reading some stories here about the shop I decided to take some help when I went to look it over. Both people (more experienced than I) were impressed with its condition and a test ride gave no reason for concern. I've had it only 3 days but I have covered around 1300kms and I'm very impressed with the bike. The price was nothing super special, but it was in much better condition than other CBR's I had looked at.
  14. Congratulations on your new ride Port80. They're a bike which just
    surprised me gradually at how easy they are to get on and go quick
    and cover a lot of miles, without effort. Haven't seen you since that
    ill-fated ride up Gippsland way... I must come on another netride soon...
  15. Yamaha City, gotta love them. They were right, the Kawasaki Balius is a good bike, pity the one they were trying to flog was a shitter.

    I was helping a friend, new to motorcycling, pick a bike a couple of months ago. Naturally enough, the easiest way to get the ball rolling is to hit Elizabeth St and wander around tyre kicking. Eventually, we come across a silver Balius. I'm not a big fan of 4cyl 250's, just seems like too much fussing when a twin will do nicely, but she liked, she went home, we went back, she still liked.

    She did a deal with them for a reasonable price, including gear but asked me to test ride before she put the money down. I did ask about servicing and I was assured the bike had been checked over by their mechanic. It had an indicated 29000kms, but had a brand new disk. It also had a slightly shabby appearance about it, nothing actually dented or scratched, just lived outside.

    I test rode it and half way through the test, realised it had knackered steering head bearings. It didn't have a centre stand so i couldn't check previously. We left it with them, they got their mechanic to look at it and he confirmed the diagnosis. Then they rang her back and wanted her to go half in the replacement costs. Luckily, she was smarter and told them to stick it. After a couple of days he called again and offered it again but at the original price. She decided she didn't care about it any more and declined.

    End result, we found a much, much cleaner example with slightly less kms, a better result for her.
  16. Bought my VL800 there. Got it home to discover the F$%ckn OIL was low.
    This was after the "dealer service". Never will I go back there.
  17. Not my fave place either.