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Any old cartoons fans here?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by carvercasey, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I mean like Thundercats, Voltron, the OLD transformers, not the new ones. And shows like that. Some of the shows though like Voltron, were on before I was born. I'm a 90's girl of course, but I appreciate the classics. And no I don't think Sailor Moon counts.

    So which old cartoons do you like? and do you wish they would show now or more often?

  2. I like old cartoons.

    Welcome to Netrider, why don't you pop over here and introduce yourself ;)
  3. Gee wiz l remember Voltron, transformers, Danger mouse, robotece (l think thats what it was called)
    Thanks for the trip down memmory lane now l feel old;)
  4. Absolutely love old cartoons and still love them

    heman, shera, smurfs, hucklebury finn, looney tunes, Tom & jerry, captain planet and many more
  5. Robotech series (all three plus the movies), Starblazers, Ulysses.
  6. Crusader Rabbit, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Super 6, man I could name hundreds of them, and I loved them all.
  7. No one has mentioned Underdog, Wacky Races.

    Those were the days.
  8. Popeye. Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Flintstones, Felix the Cat,
    Cattanooga Cats, Inspector Gadget, The Jetsons.
  9. Top Cat, Porky Pig, The Archies
  10. Ah yes a favourite, Batfink and Karate..hahaha....still thinking, maybe goes to show how old I am.
  11. Magilla Gorilla,,how good was that??,,,,Kimba the White Lion...Roadrunner
  12. Foghorn leghorn is all I got so far...
  13. Am a big fan of that era cartoons!!! even upto the Pinky and the Brain years.... Hong Kong Phooey, Transformers (favourite) Micro machines, Bananaman, Myserious cities of gold, Gummi Bears, Astro Boy, Peanuts (charlie Brown) , Defenders of the Earth, Centurions....

    Yes... i did watch ALOT of tv..... there is many more...
    upon searching a little.... found this site for those interested on remembering some of their faves...
  14. ABC in the arvos was the haven for cartoons...
    Widget the World Watcher
    Alvin and The Chipmunks (before they got remade into...*that* monstrosity)

    I watched all the Transformers including Beast wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Gi Joe, Astroboy...spent hours watching the Looney Tunes hour or whatever it was called

    Ah the good ol days
  15. Duck Tales would have to be one of the best IMO

    Roger Ramjet - How innocent were we back then when there was a cartoon about a pill popping super hero.

    Don't know if this really constitutes as a cartoon but Gumby.
  16. Silverhawks, Roger Ramjet, Samurai Pizza Cats.

    Bringing back some really early childhood memories there!
  17. How can I forget even though I wasn't young when I was watching this I fell in love with it and got my whole family hooked on it too:


    In my late teens I would wake up and watch it on Cheez Tv. Me and my mates even contemplated on sending our photo to the program so it would appear before or after the commercial break.
  18. Wacky Races was my favourite when I was a kid. I used to watch Battle of the Planets quite often as well. Mr Magoo always gave me a laugh and Garfield and Friends (was usually on after Ren & Stimpy) normally did as well when I was going through high school.
  19. "EARTH!"

    "Go Planet!"

    "By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"