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Any oil cooler?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mattb, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I want to fit an oil cooler to the SR500. I'm looking to grab something cheap and second hand off Ebay, the choice in part dictated by whether it will look ugly or not on the SR. I know nothing about the whole exercise - does it matter what cc bike the cooler is made for? Eg I saw a good one, but it was for a 150cc bike. I guess a better question is, what do I need to take into consideration in buying and fitting an oil cooler from another bike?


    Edit: just had a look, and here's an example of a neat cooler that comes up on Ebay

  2. I'm not familiar with the SR500, is it also water cooled?

    Smaller bikes such as my gt250r (and that 125 most probably) use the oil cooler as its primary source of cooling (along with air cooling). If you are fitting an oil cooler along side an air cooler setup then the size wouldn't really matter in terms of performance as it will be supplementary.

    Things i would look out for is just will it fit in your bike? are their suitable mounting points at the right places? If its second hand make sure it isn't clogged, perhaps you would want to flush it out in case there are any metal particles inside it.

    I'm also not sure if a oil cooler for a smaller cc bike would allow the rate of flow you would require in a larger cc bike.
  3. i have always thought of putting an oil cooler on my bike but i guess it aint worth it. no place to put it and dont know how to.
  4. Personally, I'd not fit a used oil cooler to any engine I had to pay for :grin: .

    Seriously, if it's been present at a catastrophic blow-up, you'll never get all the shit out of it. Do you really want the remains of someone else's engine grinding away at yours?

    Sizewise, it probably doesn't matter much. In fact, too small is probably better than too big. After all, you're supplementing the manufacturer's cooling system, which should have been designed to be adequate. A cooler that is too big is likely to give you oil that never reaches a decent operating temperature.

    There are quite a few small, neat units on the market. Try a Google for "Triumph oil cooler" or similar. I tried it and it threw up a few options, none of them grotesquely expensive.
  5. Yes, I agree, plenty of relatively affordable aftermarket kits new, forget second hand.
    If oil temps worry you on an aircoled donk, go synthetic oil.

    Regards, Andrew.