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Any of youse whackers been booked for speeding in Canada lately?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. I checked my credit card details yesterday to find a strange transaction of $344.00 attached to a name in Montreal Canada

    I rang my bank and they said it was payment for a traffic fine :shock:

    I know it wasn't me, so which one of you used my credit card to pay for your misdemeanour :LOL:????
  2. One of your flying visits, Hahahahaha
  3. Do you own a Playstation Hornet? :rofl: I can't really see you as hardcore gamer, but you never know
  4. I would be cancelling that card pronto. Usually when you get pulled over OS.They want your license and passport if your a foreigner ????
    Give the Fed's a heads up. That's their job. It could get a lot worse.
  5. I do, actually, but the people at the bank think this might not be connected with that; I'm inclined to agree, because all the info Sony have been putting out says that credit card info is most likely to be used on the Playstation Network... but ....

    anyway, the card has been cancelled and the bank is seeking to recover the money (I hope)..
  6. Any idea as to which part of Canada? :eek:hno:
  7. In the meantime use it as proof you were in Canada for any speeding fines you clocked up here in the same period...
  8. yes, Montreal, actually

    smileedude, that's a GREAT idea :LOL:
  9. I'm no expert in committing credit card fraud, but this does seem one of the most idiotic examples. Clearly they would have all the details of the perp from the traffic fine and the information is in the polices' own records.

    See if you can wing a free trip to Canada to testify.
  10. Montreal huh? I'd say I'm in the clear on this one, my family are all in Ontario :p
  11. That's what I was thinking?

    First a love of cagefighting and now you own a PS3... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL HORNET?
  12. I can just see Hornet with a playstation move :p
  13. Ok Hornet I confess it was me.
    Credit card generator software has been around since the inception of the net so I'd say the random generated numbers probably turned out to be yours ):
  14. Actually, my PS3 is mainly used with the wonderful Play-TV box as a very cheap PVR..

    (But I have been known to indulge in a game or two, although the latest Grand Prix game is too HARD :( !!)

    hmm, I just found out that someone has ported DOOM to the PS3 ......
  15. #15 Bluesuede, May 1, 2011
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    Now showing at Mr and Mrs Hornet's house when the blinds are drawn: