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Any of you girls looking for a Party Frock ?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by doonx, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. wonder what sort of message that dress sends out ...
  2. "I'm Safe"
  3. its actually really pretty. The skirt is very Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.
  4. I like it..its so pretty! :D and yes you would definately stand out in the crowd thats for sure..lol
  5. I wonder if it comes in all Black? :D - maybe with the odd cherry red thrown in ..... :p
  6. It reminds me of an old joke...

    This young girly and her young guy wanted to get married so they went to see the priest at the church that they'd been sent to as kids.

    They are sitting with the father and the young girl is asking the priest...

    Father... I know that virgins are supposed to get married in white, but what if one isn't a virgin.

    The priest says... that is ok my child... if one isn't a virgin one gets married in blue.

    And the young girl claps her hands... and looks very happy, and....

    comes to church in a white dress with blue polka dots :)
  7. I don't get it .......
  8. Its colourful and practical. What more could you ask for?
  9. errmmm 1 dot of blue for each.... ummmm.... 'falling from virtue'
    (told you it was an _old_ joke).
  10. Oh I love it. I'm always looking out for dresses that are "different".

    Hate wearing black, I always need colour.
    I would wear it, but it would have to be shorter :D
  11. Thats hot, any girl wearing that would definately catch my eye and i'd have to ask her where she got it from and prolly get her a drink and have a chat because atleast you could be sure she had style, induviduality and enough confidence and good looks to be comfortable with all the people looking at her.
    You can tell alot about people by what they wear.
  12. "I'm easy" "Take your pick then take your pick"
  13. Couple of questions:

    Is the dress designed to have a condom setup ready to go?

    And is it still up to the bloke to supply the condoms for later that night?
  14. Whoever wears that is going to be one busy woman. She could have a very sore back by the morning...amongst other things. :)
  15. I tried safe sex once. I was stuck there for hours while they looked for the combination...
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ^^^ funny funny man :p
  17. yeh someone know once said the best line about safe sex, he said

    no matter how good the sex is it dosent beat gonnareaha

    so always use a condom and this chicks got plentifull... latexy