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Any NSW Learners keen on a weekend away

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TWEET, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. I am planning a ride from Sydney for late May possibly 25th or even the June long weekend (11th June) that will take in some of the best bike roads in NSW.

    I'm looking for 5 Learners who would like to come along, and enjoy some of the best riding NSW has to offer. If you are sick of doing the day only rides and want to venture out and do some real touring, this would be a great opportunity to see some great roads with a small group. If you have ever wanted to do some travelling on your bike and weren't sure about doing it alone, this is just for you.

    The destination is going to be a mystery at this stage, and I will advise those concerned exactly where it is closer to the date.
    So that you can gauge if this interests you

    I will tell you the following:

    You must be a learner on a learner's license
    All roads are sealed no dirt
    We will travel at a speed to suit learners restrictions
    We will do some open road riding in the dark
    The ride will be over 3 days leaving early Friday and returning Sunday afternoon, or leaving early Saturday and returning Monday afternoon

    You could expect to cover around 1500km over the 3 days
    The 1st day will be a big day, around 700km
    I will arrange the accomodation, it will be hotel/motel and about $50-70 per night per person (we will be away 2 nights) Once booked you will be required to pay in full for your accomodation, this sorts out the timewasters.

    Your bike will need an endurance of at least 200km per tank
    Your bike must be reliable/roadworthy
    you will only need minimal gear for the 3 days, and I can perhaps help with storage on my bike if you don't have a backpack or rack & bag on your bike.
    I will carry a puncture repair kit to assist anyone if needed

    That is a preview of the ride, and anyone interested can reply to this thread. Once I get an idea of how many are interested, I will post further details. I will limit the ride to 5 plus myself for everyone's enjoyment and safety.

    This is not a small ride, and I would strongly suggest that if you are considering it, you should be comfortabe with riding full days with small regular breaks.

    So who is interested???
    The 5 places will be on a first come basis.
  2. Tweet, I'd been thinking about posting in the mentors thread. I don't think this is for me yet, but it's far enough ahead in the calendar that I'll find out before...the Spada's range could well be a little short too depending on how often the tach gets into the red zone.

    If you'd like to go for a shorter ride with a newbie some time in the next few weeks, I'd be grateful as I'd really appreciate some feedback from an experienced rider...I'm probably doing things wrong now that should be corrected before I get used to it, if that makes sense.

    Flick me a PM, or keep me in mind if you feel like it and can spare the time some time :grin:
  3. Isn't there already a ride to Eden on that Queen's Birthday Weekend?? Or is it not suitable for learners (haven't looked in a while).
  4. june ish is uni holidays. and i know there are a few learners here including myself to whom that applies. although i may be a p plater by then :S
  5. This isn't the ride to Eden.
  6. Yeah, I know that, I just wondered if the two could be combined, double the fun. Perhaps the lesser experienced riders could do the Sydney to Bateman's Bay bit, then ride back, or something?? Just a suggestion :).
  7. That would normally be a good plan Paul, but I really want to keep things small, and allow a few learners some real open road experience, without the distraction of so many other riders.
  8. fair point, mate, as I said, I wasn't trying to change the agenda, just make A suggestion. I hope the ride goes well, and I applaud ANYONE who organises one!!!
  9. it's a pretty big trip, and perhaps there aren't any learners here that interested in this sort of ride...
  10. Not surprising.
  11. I thought it might scare some off, but when you consider the first day is a big one at around 700km, the other 2 days are not that big, and I have allowed some extra km in that estimate for looking around the destination.

    This is REAL touring, not little day rides....
  12. Why is having your Ls so important for this event?
    As apposed to someone with their Ps that would probally be more suited to the distance of this ride
  13. if you allowed abit more than a 3 month window of experiance for who you will take, you might get a few punters. i would consider taking you up on the offer if you allowed p platers and paul (matchstick) wasnt thinking of organising a north trip on the same weekend. im not shy of long distances, ive done 2500km since last monday, 900 of that on thursday, i didnt have that same attitude when i was on my L's.

  14. I'll be on my P's by then mate... or i'd be up for it (if i could get time off work)
  15. Interesting thoughts guys, now NSW learners licenses are valid for up to 6 months, and it was more aimed at those who were perhaps soon to be going for the P's rather than very new riders, hence why I said you should be comfortabe with longer days on the bike with frequent short breaks.

    When you have your P's I think you are on your way to learning lots more skills and roadcraft than say someone yet to pass the test, and I was hoping to try and assist a few to boost their confidence levels on various types of riding, such as freeway, local streets, night time on the highways etc.

    I guess if there were no takers with their L's then taking riders with P's isn't out of the question, I just thought learners would perhaps benefit most.