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Any NRs park outside 390 St Kilda road - damaged bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by happy.grl, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. There's a black hornet 250 against a pole with damage, also another bike blown over onto a 250 CBR. :(

    I didn't want to pick them up in case I damaged them any more - I couldn't find anyone who knows where the owners work and the building manager is not around but thought I'd post here in case you see it.

  2. crap!! :( :( :(

    damn wind
  3. Damn wind :evil:
  4. Someone picked them up - hope it was the owners.

    The spada and the cbr looked ok - the gauges on the VTR were all smashed though :cry:

    Stupid wind. I am so glad I snuck into the carpark at work today
  5. friggin wind ! smashed my right side front indicator coz of it today :|

    had parked my bike on lonsdale st, and a gust of wind from Jones lane toppled it over.
    Good thing i had just walked about 5 metres ahead after parking it when i heard it slam on its right side :|

    was kinda surprised how cud a heavy bike like the 6R topple over like this :|
  6. how can you ever relax at work again after knowing that its possible for the wind to blow you bike over? :(
  7. I got back to my bike last night near the IBM building in Melbourne to find that it had been moved. It was moved in toward the middle of the footpath about a foot and a half and now has broken and cracked RHS fairings, damaged inner wheel guard and a large crack at base of the mirror mount.

    Am guessing it blew over at some point in the wind. There are a lot of other bikes near where was parked so guess one of the other riders picked it back up so if it was anyone on here thanks as saved me from trying to get it up by myself.
  8. I feel for you poor buggers, there's not much you can do to prevent that sort of thing, Kishy's advice aside!
  9. I've been checking what way the wind has been blowing when parking my bike lately in Melbourne and surrounds.

    :idea: Look at a tree and see which way it's being blown, then park so the wind pushes the bike into the stand. Has worked so far for me!!
  10. Near the post boxes? If so, yours and another one went over in the morning. I went past not long after lunch and saw it and a small cruiser on the side. If the bastards in Travel Lodge hadn't stopped parking under there it probably would have been ok.
  11. Yep that was mine, and yeah the cruiser rider came out the same time as me, we both noticed that they had been moved and assumed they must have blown over.

    Damage isn't too bad at least, all just cosmetic, can wait till I either pull it off and repair it or find some decent second hand fairings.

    Might also be the best time to look into the upgrade :)