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Any noobs in s.e burbs like to go for a regular cruise?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Felony, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Or maybe even a road trip?

  2. In what state mate???
  3. Live in south yarra so if thats kinda close enough give me a shout...however going to qld for 2 weeks in 2 days time wahay...so would have to wait til I came back...
  4. No road trips mate, but if u wanna go for a cruise
    I'm up for one just about every w/end.

    Either send PM, email me or ring me 0407 666665 :wink:
  5. yep, i too am in the s.e. and try to get out most weekends ;)
  6. i see a sunny day and turn the computer off and pull the Duck out of the garage and just go ;-) anytime any day..i like a ride to marysville (hmmm bakery yummmyy stuff there ) approx 50 klm each way
  7. I'm out in Pakenham, a mate and i try to get out every few weeks. We head in any direction except towards the city depending on how much time we have.

    PM me or put up a post when ready.
  8. I'm in Cranyburn. I'll ride with you as soon I get my bike fixed. It runs but can't go far 'cause my fans not working. Either fan motor or fan switch.
  9. I wouldn't call myself a noob
    But while the weathers good I'll ride nearly every weekend
    just let me know
  10. Sure...soon as i fix the damn thing!
  11. *Kishy takes notes of those avail* :cool:
  12. Yep im always trying to get out for a ride, be good to meet up with others as well. PM or set up a ride somewhere this weekend coming perhaps?
  13. I'm in berwick and also enjoy gettin' out and about as often as i can every weekend. As long as the sun is out...

    PM me if ya wanna meet somewhere...

  14. im also sth east and interested any day after 2pm
  15. Sounds like a good ride should be planned soon? lol
  16. I'd put my hand up but I'm currently out of action for 6 months..... :cry: :cry: :cry: after only 1 month of riding

    I'm in Langy (and a L-unatic) so I'll be yelling out around August for some ridin buddies...........

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. Oh? Why out of action? Didnt stack it did you, or was it the work of a person in blue?
  18. South Yarra Riders

    I'm a newby rider, I'm in south yarra too. Would be great for a blast sometime. :grin: