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NSW Any news on Greenslips?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Back when all the kerfuffle happened with the greenslips, the then opposition suggested they would look into it when they got into power.

    Does anybody know if this has progressed?
  2. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Haven't heard. I can't seem to find any recent threads here with updates from the MCC...
  3. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    we are still being screwed, especially if you own two vehicles. A CTP for both when you can only use one at a time.

    Someone mentioned in a post a while back that the CTP shpuld be attached to the licence not the vehicle, so when you are driving you are covered. A good idea as you can only drive one vehicle at a time. That should lower the price too, if you do not have a car you still have to pay, so when and if you do drive you are covered.
  4. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Whole system needs an overhaul - had a decent amount of hope when Barry got into power and then said something about the senior people at the RTA need to reapply for their job position - was finally hoping the system would improve but doesn't look like anything has changed except for the face of it.
  5. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Don't hold your breathe - politicians think they are only accountable at election time and to a certain extent this is right.

    + Any side of politics is happy to promise the world at the hope of getting a look in but the truth is if they were genuine they could have introduced changes/legislation even though they were still in opposition, to say they would only do it once they come to power is window dressing.
  6. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    There is some hope of change at the corrupt RTA; the bloke who was boss was told he had to re-apply for the job and when he did he didn't get it.
  7. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Great more of the same whining. Can we not rehash the same things, everyone knows it is not fair.

    The current situation that I have heard is that Ernst and Young was doing a investigation into the matter for the Minister.

    This is outlined in the May newsletter of the MCCNSW.


    Perhaps a email to the Minister would elicit more info.
  8. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    good to see something is being done. Two questions come to mind.

    1. when's it due?
    2. From where are they getting their inputs?
  9. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    1.Hmm, you would have thought that this should be available by now, Google gets nothing much, though there are some suggestions that it was due soon after March. This seems to be incongruent with the MCCNSW newsletter that I linked.

    I emailed the Minister

    Dear Minister

    There was to be a audit from Ernst and Young on the state of CTP for motorcycles.

    Can you advise when the results of these are to be released, if they are released can you send me a link to a copy of the results.


    2.They were auditing the Motor Accident Authority I believe.
  10. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    I am led to believe that there will be annoucement at the end of this month. Futher, the annoucment will be a reduction in the CTP cost for the vast majority of motorcycles with effect January 2012.

    The advice given to was that if your bike is due before January, register it for 6 months only.

    This came from Rob Colligan (buckets).
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  11. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Just did 3 dummy quotes on the MAA website. on my bike 1998 250, a 2010 750 and a 2009 600. GIO was cheaper by between $150 and $200 in the 3 cases, comparing lowest to highest. I am with NRMA and have 5 policies with them and GIO was still better. This is the link if you are interested. http://prices.maa.nsw.gov.au/index.html
  12. Boris had a right royal go at the process in AMCN.
  13. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Mine's due in a few weeks, so I may just do that. At the moment it's dearer than the family car.

    Aaahhh's right, there is a big variation between providers this year. I'd say some of the providers are assuming it's going to reduce and are gambling on the unchecked renewals to raise some funds.

    shop around people.
  14. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    On my google travels, I found a quote on another forum that claims were paying 50% for cars and 23% for bikes.

    It wasn't sourced though.
  15. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    I've missed something. What does that mean?
  16. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    For every dollar paid for bikes they paid 23c out in claims.

    As I said it was not sourced. I believe that it came from the audit so we will get confirmation once that is out.
  17. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Ahh get it now. Doesn't suprise me. If anything I would have thought it was even lower.
  18. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    So I sent a email to the Roads Minister to ask where the Audit is, they referred it to the MAA, they say that the motorcycle audit is now across the board going to look at the profits of the insurers, fair payouts, fair premiums etc.

    They didn't say when that would be finished. Will send another email.

    Edit: Sent this

    Thankyou for your response.

    Can you give a date when the wider review is being finished. Is there going to be an interim report for motorcycles only as promised. Motorcyclists in NSW are suffering, if the audit has found discrepancies it is paramount that this be corrected for motorcyclists immediately.
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  19. Re: Any news on Grrenslips?

    Will be interesting to see how this turns out.
  20. this business puzzles me

    CTP insurance is cover against injury or worse incurred by a THIRD PARTY (the TP) in an accident, NOT including the driver/rider....

    I can believe many insurance claims on behalf of passengers in cars that are involved in accidents, or pedestrians who get hit by cars, or bystanders who are caught up in a road accidents, but there CAN'T be that many claims by pillion passengers (99% of bikes are ridden solo most of the time), by pedestrians being hit by bikes, or bystanders caught up in a bike accident, to justify the exorbitant premiums we pay....
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