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Any newbies out Ipswich way?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by eAngel, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Hi all, loads of helpful advice, great site!

    I've just got my licence and am riding a gpx250, I got my bike last Sunday and turned that little bit of Qride paper in to plastic on Monday, I've been out riding every day since for at least an hour.

    I'm starting to get the hang of things, occasionally I do something silly like a slightly dodgy take off but I try not to be to hard on myself and just keep at it, in total I've had less than 20 hrs riding so far :? .

    Anyway it would be really great if there are other newbies in the area who would like someone to ride with, maybe another girl but not too bothered. I'm currently just sticking to the roads around ipswich and practicing my hill starts and what not in backstreets. I don't think it will be long till I get the confidence to venture out of Ippy though.

    Drop us a line if you're keen to meet up.


  2. Hey Welcome to the forums (although I'm new around here too).

    I'd suggest a newbie friendly group ride. You can see how others ride and the feedback is invaluable. Plus if anything goes wrong - everyone is there to help.

    If you can't find a local one give us a yell, I usually find myself in one starting in Redcliffe on sundays.
  3. Cheers Sooty,

    I'll have a look around. If I can't find one i'll wait until I've got the confidence to ride up to Redcliffe, it's about an hours ride from me.
  4. I am out beenliegh way, not overly close.
    If you can't find someone out your way give me a yell.
  5. ok cheers Geeth, will do.
  6. yeah another brisbane city person if you get stuck other wise, honda at rocklea, have a q ride graduates every 2nd sunday of the month. Was told it is a small group usually , so i may go check it out.
  7. Guess I'm the closest then - at Forest Lake, but actually heading into East Ipswich today to look at a house I want to buy :grin:

    So yeah, as soon as I get the chain on the bike, I'm happy to go for a ride. I'm not brand new to it (coming up to a year of riding 5 days a week), so might be able to offer a little bit of assistance, advice, or whatever.

    Let me know... :)
  8. hmm warwick to towoomba to crowsnest then esk and back to ipswich, should be a good ride. Should be agood mix of roads IIRC, it has been a while since I drove most of those roads. My parents are out near crowsnest nowadays. Plenty of great oppertunities to learn on some quiet roads midweek. With the aftermath of the fires down here, I am somewhat jealous of you south east qlders.

    i'd suggest posting up a ride of your own in the ride area, and seeing what comes of it.

    Something like this should be fun

    Google maps About 320km's Lunch in Towoomba, afternoon tea near wivenhoe
  9. I'm down Browns Plains way, which is like 20-25mins from Ippy. Maybe a few of us newbies should do a nice leasurely ride about.
  10. Hi Angel,
    I'm a newbie out at Ippy too. I'd be interested in going on a few local rides and taking it easy.
    I've PMed you (well I will try right now!) my general availability - we can probably work something out
  11. oops, sorry can't start a PM till I've hit 7 posts. better start working on that!

    work is fairly flexible so I am often home by 3pm if I go in early (need to know ahead otherwise I sleep in and then have to stay late) and weekends there's normally some time to go for a ride.

  12. toowoomba->crows nest->esk is my haunt.

    i love it, pretty good road, awesome twisties and not very busy as most people go the highway route these days :)
  13. Don't want to advertise but we have a few riders from Ippie way

    look @ sig

    oh and if you want to have a ride sometime.. gimme a buzz. I'm in Brisbane :LOL:
  14. thanks for all your replies guys.

    Daveo would be great to start up a newbie ride, it seems there's a few of us about!

    17SJS thanks for the offer too, post back up when your chains on :)

    Benjamin, might give you a yell sometime, I'll no doubt be out brisbane way at some point in time.

    Thanks for your tip too Thera, it would def be a good ride, maybe in a few weeks I might think about doing that sort of distance. Gotta click over some local k's first though I think to gain some more confidence.

    Ivy, PM me when you can, I'm way off the 7 needed to PM you :( . I'd be keen to meet up somewhere.

    tunelliner, thanks for the link, i'll suss it out!
  15. Hi eAngel,
    I'm up for some smaller local rides anytime soon :)
    Hopefully should be able to PM now (should have just reached the magical number) - will check tomorrow