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Any NEW riders (learners) in Sydney NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Hi guys im a learner and im wanting to find other learners in Sydneys west who want to ride. So far i only ride with another mate who got his L's same time as me.

    The problem i am facing is that when i ride with people who have been riding for a while i find myself being left behind as i do not speed. The fastest i have gone is 80km which is the legal limit.

    I am wanting to organise a group of new learners to ride together at a safe speed.. Please email me if you want to ride with me and my mate.

    I ride a Honda VTR 250 and so does my mate
  2. Hey mate, welcome to the forums.
    You may want to keep an eye out in the NSW events section. You actually just missed an L/P plate ride on sunday which was fantastic. There should be another one in the not too distant future. Perhaps also, have a look in teh new rider topic as there are usually mini meets happening.
    Where abouts in the west?
  3. Where abouts are you from?

    You should chck the NSW Rides section, you just missed what seemed like a pretty good Learners ride
  4. hey guys thanks for the replies.. Im currently in the liverpool area.. And yes i know i just missed the lastest ride on april 1st..

    I will be moving to san souci in a few months as it will be closer to my training place.

    I compete in KOTC ( King of the Cage ) and im currently training in Rosebury so san souci even tho it aint that close to rosebury its closer than liverpool is. If you guys are in sydney maybe you guys can come and watch my next fight.
  5. is kotc real or wwf stuff?
  6. gday m8, im in turramurra on the north shore. On my l's too, relatively new.
  7. Yes mate KOTC is real... this is not the only circuit i compete in.. This June i am flying to Russia Moscow to fight there...

    Keep in touch with me and ill keep you updated as to when the next fights are on .. thats if your inot those kinds of things and ill get you a couple of tickets.. i always get free tickets as i fight on the shows..
  8. How you going mate ... me and a mate are thinking of riding up to the city .. do you want to meet up for a ride tonight
  9. Lastlineofdefence go to this link to see pics of my last fight.. it only lasted 24 seconds as the reff stopped it. I am the asian guy with tatts.. The rules are pretty simple .. you can pretty much do anything you like except hit in the balls or down the spine.. its a great sport and most of the athletes who compete are great guys.
  10. looks scary :oops:

    there's a fair few of us L platers around (including me)... i'm from the Randwick area and should be back on a bike within the next week (VTR250 ftw!)
  11. Cool i train near randwick perhaps the next time im at training we could meet up for a ride... my mate who also trains with me rides as well... I think it would be great to ride with a few other VTR250's ... I love the naked bikes.. someday when i get my full licence i intend to get an Agusta Brutale...

    Do you have msn ?? email me or add me. komunista@hotmail.com
  12. Lots of folk from livo here. If you ride with them just make sure they know what you're comfortable with, and to make sure - you can be the one to lead to set the pace.
  13. Deadsy and I live near Campbelltown (altho I dont have my Ls yet(test next week) and Deadsy is on his Ps)
  14. sweet sounds good mate! let me know when you're around... take my forum name and add @ hotmail . com to the end!
  15. Hey, Duffster, when did you get a new bike? :grin: I'd be up for a ride when you're back on, nothing like the blind leading (and following) the blind :LOL:
  16. hopefully tomorrow!!!! I've got a guy holding the bike for me... I'm only waiting on the bloody cheque to clear into my account... its so tempting "balance = 5400" more than my "available balance" :cry:

    definately go for a ride!! you're in Enmore?
  17. Great to hear! :) 'nother VTR?

    Yep, just a few doors down from the theatre.
  18. hi mate
    im a very much a newbie
    pm me if u want to meet up one day for a ride.. im out west..
  19. Im located in liverpool too, got my L's just waiting for a bike, getting one soon.

    Nice to meet you.
  20. welcome to the forums, if your only confident doing 80km/h probably not a great idea to ride with ihaveduffi'm not sure if he knows what 80 feels like anymore :LOL: