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Any Netriders with wet feet?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. I've just been looking at the amazing images of the Qld floods on news.com.au and it prompted to me to think that perhaps some Netriders might be caught up in this unprecedented mess???

    As usual, if any help is needed, even though most of us are a long way away.....
  2. I dare say lowercase may have come close! Certainly would have been isolated for a little while there.

    I had some friends traveling south got caught, but nothing serious.
  3. I've got a Facebook friend who was silly enough to go to Rockhampton for a holiday and is now stuck there.

    She didn't get the hint when she had trouble getting a flight north out of Sydney to begin with......
  4. Ok up here still. My definition of what constitutes a lot of rain has changed a lot in the two years we've been here. Now, only stuff over 120mm a day even warrants a mention. We had 75mm yesterday and hardly noticed!! But we're set up for it, lots of areas of high ground and really good groud drainage. But to think we are only just technically in the wet season is a worry. We had a really wet winter and it seems that the wet never really ended.

    They anticipate the la Nina staying until April, so no real prospect of a let up for some time.
  5. they're officially calling it la nina??
  6. For some months now. The unusual part is that it is corresponding with differences in the Indian ocean that is leading to the unusually wet winter on the east coast of australia.


    The Indian Ocean event is called the Indian ocean dipole and has limited impact in the southern summer but does impact the southern winter. This, combined with the la Nina caused the very wet eastern winter and the record dry western winter.
  7. Main reason for the crazy stuff is the sea temps... check em out on BOM>Marine>Oceanography. Crazy 32c+ off Darwin etc.
  8. That's normal for this time of year. We don't like swimming in winter now, anything less that 30c water temp seems cold!!

    The problem is the 4 degree anomaly in the tropical pacific.
  9. I live in Brissie and our roads are just about a disaster zone, I've never seen so many huge potholes in my life, and they're everywhere.
  10. You reckon Brissie is bad, I came back from Hervey Bay last weekend and it was totally rooted. Friends who just came back from rocky reckon north of mirriam vale was even worse.
  11. move to where I am, the main road to melbourne is pretty much patching. The original bitumen has gone the way of the dodo.

    My favourite pot hole though is the three circles starting at a small side plate sized one moving to the large dinner plate one at the end. Good demonstration of harmonics that one.
  12. yeah, we were isolated for 3-5 days (I forget which!) however, nothing bad. the 8 metre floods were 45 minutes away down the road, so we weren't affected in the "normal" way. the only way we WERE affected, was people going into "panic mode", full tanks of fuel and filling up the boats (tonnes of $1000 and more sales) = ran out of fuel... but seeming as no one could go anywhere, running out of fuel wasn't a disaster. our milk supply ran a little low, but as we're on the coast, we could get things via sea, or sky, really, if it had to come to that :)

    i wish i'd got photos of the 8 metre flooding over the road :(
  13. there's an incredible series of around 100 flood pictures on the news.com.au site, Dorothea McKellar had it right with the 'droughts and flooding rains' bit......
  14. We are sitting on my veranda watching the dick head cagers going past the "Road Closed" beside my gate and hitting a couple of foot of water, funny as sh**.
    I can laugh as my bike is outta here and safe, tv, stereo and bed up high.
    Now we wait and watch the water rise.
    Hopefully we will not get too much in the house... Time will tell..

    A few pics
  15. People dont get floods these days. ITs been a good 10-15 years since we had some good ones. We used to cross flooded creeks, but only after the water had dropped and had stopped running. People dont get running water will kill you now.
  16. I went to Darwin for the ASBK round there last April and the first thing that surprised me was the size of the drainage trenches beside the roads, that was until the first wet season "shower" hit that afternoon and I understood.

    Talking about fuel, I'm told they try to pump all the fuel out of underground tanks and replace it with clean water before the floods arrive. Reason being, if empty, the tank would try to pop out of the ground and if filled with clean water the dirty water cant get into it. They then simply pump the water out and refill it with fuel..........

    I was also told by a "Wise Old Man" early last year that as soon as there is a major rain event in Qld that sends water to Lake Eyre the drought would break. Put simply the water in the lake evaporates and ends up as rain on the east coast. Lake Eyre has water, we have rain....
  17. Water out the front of our place only rose 100mm from 7pm yesterday (mon) to 8am today.
    Still plenty of entertainment with cagers hitting the water every now and then.