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any netriders residing in NZ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Am off to the land of the long white cloud for a couple of weeks in October.
    I know I will have withdrawl symptons from the following 3 things .....
    1. My Dogs
    2. My Bike
    3. Work (comes with being your own boss!)

    Anyhows - my mobile will be on international roam & always manages to ring when I am too far away to actually do any work!
    I can get my fix of No 1 as both my sis & mum have dogs
    But No 2 ........ :(
    Not too sure of my chances of my bro-inlaw letting me take the Etype for a spin - so wondered if there's anything else remotely motorcycle related I can do around the Wellington region???
    Probably won't have my gear with me either - so hiring a bikes not looking to feasible. And have already visited the car/bike museum on other visits.
    And yes - I will be spending nearly all my time with family - but you know how it is ......... sometimes just need a little bit of time out to keep things rosey :wink:

  2. bb, damov moved to nz a few months back. still see him from time to time online.
  3. go down to the local and call the biggest guy you see a teke! i am sure you will get a warm reply :grin:

    no, actually dont :LOL: :LOL:

    if they are serving puha with pakeha i would run for the hills......

    (yeah, i kinda grew up with maori's)
  4. Hey joel! Nothing wrong with puha!!! (although I spell it poohaa). :)

    When we lived in Qld Mum used to send us kids up to the railway line to pick the stuff for tea!

    Black Betty could always go into a bar and show a little sarcasm towards the guys - Maori's LOVE sarcasm....especially when it's aimed towards them....think it's hilarious..... ;) Not.

    BTW, My Dad's Maori. :) And when he finally realises that the idiot standing in front of him is taking the piss...he's not a happy man. :)
  5. Actually, going off Black Betty's name and the fact she has family over there, I'm assuming she's maori herself. :)
  6. haha, did you ever get told about the word assume? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    love the culture, love the people, in fact, i work with a plenty of the buggers!
    (even got a kirituhi that is to keep me in touch with that portion of my life)

    as for your dad, you gotta love that maori temper :) but i bet he's also one of the happiest people around
  7. Thanks for the links guys ..... looks like Damov went to the Bay of Islands (north of Auckland) - I'll be at the base of the North Island.

    Think I might just do some sticky beaking into a few shops to see whats on offer accessory wise - surely my nephews will be happy just to tag along :wink:

    assume: make an 'ass' out of 'u' & 'me' :)

    NZ gets a heap of different car models (jap imports) that we don't see here - wonder if that's the case with bikes as well?
  8. You're in the earthmoving business aren't you joel? Just remember you saying you were working on a road up south coast of NSW. Dad's been in that industry for the past 40 yrs. He's made many friends (and foe!) over the years...and many of them have been fellow maori's.

    When you say you love the culture and people, I know what you mean.

    Ah..a kirituhi - sounds like it's something that means a lot to you joel... do you have a photo? I intend to get one day...just something simple in design....only black of course....have held off so far. When it comes, it'll have something to do with my roots, the sea, and freedom. Been meaning to talk to my Dad about it.

    Yep - seen Dad's temper many times when I was younger....yet he's settled down a lot now - really quiet guy - getting old! Us kids aren't scared of him anymore. :grin: As for happiness...his face always lights up when he sees me! :cool: