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Any Netriders at the California Superbike School yesterday??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by generalyuehfei, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Any Netriders at the California Superbike School in Eastern Creek yesterday... I can only use three words to sum it up - OMG!!!!

    First time on the track and the best time I have ever had on a bike - pushing the limits beyond my wildest dreams - going through a corner at a speed I thought impossible - thinking I was the man! - then the coach wizzes passed me mid corner :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    It shows you that every milestone once reached is easily surpassed to the next one - there training format was perfect in establishing this... Will post some photos when I get them...

    Regards, Nick
  2. Congratulations on your 1st school day!

    Yes, it's amazing how they'll go past you mid corner, turn round and point at what you're doing wrong. And all the time you've expended 100% just trying to get around the corner!

    I like their training technique, but there's a few here on NR who think differently. Either way, well done.
  3. Holy sheeit! It must have been dayumm cold down there yesterday!
    Better you than me.
    Edit: oops... just realised you said EC, not PI! :oops:
  4. Cool pics nick ,look life heap of fun .
    can you give us a "basic" run down of the day ,time on track ?
    ,cost ? ,what they teach you ....i.e do you do much in the class room ect.
    Heared you have to tape your light and mirrors ????

    Cheers Sled,
  5. The morning is a bit of a let down coz we arrived at 7am - got into class if I remember rightly around 830am and didn't get out on the track until 11am although I was in the last group (3 groups cascaded so not too many people on the track). The morning talk although long was required and very effective because the rest of the day people were 'somewhat' well behaved and you felt safe enough that idiots would be thrown off. The fun started here!

    Each track session is about 20-25mins where you apply the ONE principle you just learnt in class. After each track session it's a pep talk with your assigned instructor and then it's straight up to class again where the cycle begins although the classes are now very much shorter. In level 1 we learnt the first five principles in "Twist of the Wrist Vol 2" up to the 'two step' where you choose your turn point and just b4 reaching it you look to where you want to steer to... When we were in class, Levels 2 and 3's etc. were on the track and vice versa.

    Every track session you apply the next principle in combination with previous ones while your assigned instructor zoomed all over the track giving you instruction. 3 students per instructor was just enough to have fair time with him. My guy 'Mark' was awesome and the pep talks afterwards were he gave constructive feedback and very good advice were probably the most advantageous.

    I was lucky enough to have read TOWvolII prior to the event so I was implementing the two step from very early on in the sessions so really had a good crack at it by the end. I have never been game enough to lean the bike anywhere near I did by my second session of the day using all the rear tyre and scraping the footpegs at one stage that made my sphinkter muscle have a spack attack at me and threaten to go home for the day.

    For me it was perfect the way it was taught - simply and concisely were you could master the technique first and eliminate much of the fear in riding.

    I am now hooked to take the bike once a month to the track for track days that cost half the price - until which point I am bored with the skills I know and want to move on to higher levels.

    Regards, Nick

    Check costs on their website as they vary depending on weekends, PH's and weekdays etc www.superbikeschool.com.au
  6. Cheers Nick, good report ,now just need to start saving my lunch money.
  7. Nice review nick :)
    I'm hoping to do one of these at phillip Island within the next 6-8 Months.

    were there many people on 250's? and did you have to be a member of any clubs (Honda riders club, etc, etc) to do the course?
  8. There were two smelly 2 strokes in our group - one of which he claimed weighed 65kgs - it was purely for the race track and he was quick through corners but obviously the straights were too much for him - he was one of the very few that ended up crashing on the day but nothing serious (especially as this particular bike looked like it had been to war and back).

    All sorts of bikes inc 250s but what I did notice was all the girls rode the fast "R" type bikes - CBR600rr, ZX6r, GSXr1000 and another on an Aprilia 2 stroke... One thing better than going fast around the track is following the 'rear end' of the girl on the CBR... :grin:

    Regards, Nick