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Any music junkies out there

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Maximus, May 30, 2008.

  1. hey guys how are you???
    i'm a big music junkie and was just wondering if anyone of you's got the self titled album of the Full Scale band. it's the first band of the Mammals' leadsinger. they toured whole US and were pretty popular at some stage. split up for some reason but anyways. just trying to get the album as i heard bits and pieces and it sounds great. it's available for download on itunes but i am no longer in australia and in fact don't have any more bank cards. so can't really buy it off them.
    any help would be appreciated.
    keep rockin.

  2. Hey Maximus... Yeah *puts hand up*, huge music junkie over here, but unfortunatley havent heard of the band you're talking about.

    Do you play music too?
  3. Ya..music good :twisted:

    No, dunno the band sorry!!! :cry:
  4. iTunes vouchers are available at any store that sells iPods. I'm sure you'll find somewhere - unless you were asking if somebody would PIRATE this SMALL INDEPENDENT BAND's MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME..... In which case...

  5. yeah i do play music myself,even though some people think that playing drums doesn't mean playing music.sounds like music to me though.and really wasn't asking to pirate the small band's only source of income which doesn't exsist anymore.just thought someone might wanna make a backup copy of their cd in case that naughty little kid decides to scrarch it and just let me keep it at my place for some time as it would be safer))))
  6. I just do what Henry Rollins says:

    "If you know that the song you like is made by a small indy band who sleep on their friends floors and can't afford shit because they're trying to make music (sic) - then go buy it and support them. But if it's a band playing huge concert arenas aka Britney, then STEAL THAT SHIT!!"


    Oh, it's true.