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Any MSDN users/subscribers here?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TRA, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. I get the DVD's posted out, but I keep them at the office. I am really busy at the moment so want to do some work for home. So I sign into my MSDN account. Realise the current subscription is expired, thats ok, cause I am a volume licence purchaser so just have to log in there an allocate me a licence. Do that, head to the downloads section, click on visual studio 2010 link and there is about 60 different things to download.

    Now I still cut code, not as much as I used to so not up with all the lastest and greatest fancy shit. Plus I am a c++ guy, yup, I am pretty simple. But why so much shit? Cant they just put the IDE in one section? Bastards. GCC is starting to look good these days compared to visual studio. Might have to go back to my roots.

  2. The only word i understood in your post was root
  3. And why the hell cant I find a 64bit edition of visual studio 2010?
  4. Hasnt that place got some support ticket system?
  5. Sorry bout that, just need somewhere to have a rant!

    It does, but I have no idea how to use it. I think you have to pay for it too, and I already pay them enough money.
  6. I have a Technet+ subscription.

    I have VS2010 installed on my machine as i use it for uni and personal programming, i quite like it and it is hand over fist better than my previous version (VS2003).

    Eclipse is quite good too if your looking for something open source.....

    As for the support - i know with my technet subscription that i am entitled to a certain number of free support queries, your paying more than me for the subscription so i would bloody well hope they give you some free support.
  7. I have full access to MSDN software for free through the uni dev network. Just logged in to the ftp and **** me with a rake what is this.

    GCC for life and I will never give in.
  8. If you are on the MSDN list, you should be able to get a FAP..... (im sure goz will like that one).

    (fast action pack)
  9. Try spending every day in VS2010. I have been pretty busy the last 4-6 weeks and its by far the worst edition to date. It seems to spend all its time scanning files for intellisense or something, and even then it cant get it right!

    VS2005 had the right balance.

    Lol at GCC. Only problem is 90% of my business is microsoft. Welcome to the corporate world. I would be happy to go back to assmebler or c at the moment.

    BTW. I still cant find a 64bit edition of Visual Studio 2010 other than SP1 beta's
  10. Just double checked and UNSW has (by the looks of it) everything except that listed. Excluded from MSDN? AFAIK though won't x86 do the same job regardless if client/server is 64-bit?
  11. It will do the same job. Just a bit annoying that I bought a fukin ballsy 64bit PC for dev work and yet I can get a 64bit version of visual studio.
  12. You could always disable/cripple the intellisense feature if it is slowing you down.

    I work in it every day but only several hours at a time and not all day.

    What sort of programming are you doing in it?

    I have a mate that uses it for ASP.net programming and he loves it. I do C++, C# programming mostly....
  13. 10 print "Nerds..."
    20 goto 10
  14. warning: infinite loop
  15. Embarcadero?