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Any movie producers out there?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matt232, May 6, 2005.

  1. I just got this via email....


  2. damn....24 years too late :shock:

    but I do have 8 years experience working in the film/TV
    industry as producer and exec producer..
    I know the difference between a gaffer and a grip
    and I know what a best boy does.... :LOL:

    but don't think i wanna get involved in a TAC shoot....
  3. Perhaps we could make a Netrider team effort and submit it under someone under 25's name... then use all those who helped out in the filming and ideas (as extras etc) and pay them all... everyone wins :D
  4. I've seen one of these films at the cinema.

    It had a girl talking all about how much she loved her car, what mods she'd done to it, how fast she likes to go, how it liberates her as a woman in a mans world yada yada yada, and then at the end she crashes it and dies, killing a couple of her friends too.

    Crap. Complete crap.

    If I was going to make a s*$tty low budget Australian film it would be about a struggling motorbike riding rock band and their day to day hassles of dealing with Bikies, drug dealers, shonky promoters and pool cometitions. Lots of sex drugs & rock'n'roll. That's my kind of film... :)
  5. yeah..sorta sounds like the making of 'STONE' :LOL:
  6. Yeah, something like that...
  7. I've always wanted to know what these do
    a gaffer
    best boy
    key grip
    dolly grip
    ...please explain
  8. I played a barrel boy once on my uncles fishing boat
  9. gaffer = great for holding bike bits together
    best boy = ask Michael Jackson or your local catholic minister
    grip = your enthusiasm with Mrs palmer
    key grip = Mrs. Palmer and only the best one of her 5 daughters
    dolly grip = Mrs Palmer with barbie clothing on

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. thats fantastic!

    my bro just finished a script and is into making films

    Thanks :LOL:
  11. hmmmm...mouth has had a go
    I don't think he belongs out back at Warner Bros :p

    A Grip and Key grip (you have a Key or Head Grip when you have more than one Grip) are the guys who erect or construct towers tracks or cranes for use in the filming .
    for example...
    The DOP* will be in a seat on the end of a tracking crane (in the air)
    with the camera, with the Grip working the crane.
    I mentioned tracks...
    a dolly is a camera carriage that runs on tracks on the ground
    and to which a camera is mounted. A dolly grip is the guy
    who moves the dolly along the tracks under instructions from the
    DOP or Director. You can have a crane on a dolly and you then need 2 Grips..one to move the dolly, one for the crane
    Grips also do some general construction for the gaffer
    like stands and the like to hold lighting gear.
    the Gaffer is the guy in charge of lighting.. he will have a truck with
    blondies and brutes and will also arrange a generator truck (maybe his own) to power it all (unless in a studio with power) . He will have bounce and reflect boards to direct the lighting under the instructions of the DOP or Director.
    Best boy..is the gofer, the assistant of the Gaffer
    (but a recent trend is to have a best boy also for the Grip)

    DOP= Director of Photography

    haven't even got ½ way thru a crew listing....


  12. This is how it will go down.

    Cool guy #1, lets call him El Mariacho the 3rd, is driving along in his shitty old corolla.

    El Mariacho the 3rd then pulls up to a set of lights. Next to him is a fully sick skyline with a guy called phillip driving, and a hot girl in the passenger seat.. lets call her Gwen Stefani (with bigger boobs, and when shes like 20).

    Phillip revs the Skyline. It is loud and impressive (girls in the background are falling over in orgasm, even tho phillip himself is quite unattractive). The camera pans to El Mariacho the 3rd, who keeps his cool and revs his corolla right back at phillip (El Mariacho the 3rd is not the kind to show any weakness).

    Phillip laughs as the lights turn green and he speeds off into the sunset.
    This leaves El Mariacho the 3rd kind of dissapointed. The fat look on Phillips fat face plagues El Mariacho the 3rd for the rest of the day. In the middle of the night El Mariacho the 3rd awakes to find himself drenched in sweat. "I must have a faster car. Girly cars are for women. I am a man. I am.. El Mariacho the 3rd". He takes a swig of Tequila and tries to go back to sleep.

    The next morning El Mariacho the 3rd finds the sweetest M3 that he can, kills the driver with his mexican blades, and then goes cruising.

    Phillip is again at the same set of lights. El Mariacho the 3rd Pulls up next to him, opens the window and revs the M3.

    It purrs like a kitten on steroids and on fire. Phillip is shocked to see El Mariacho the 3rd, driving an awesome M3.

    At this moment the music from that other speeding ad comes on.. "You're not the only one who.. feels this way.. do do dod odo " (you know the one where the dude kills his little brother by driving sideways into a pole?)
    Anyway -
    Gwen Stefani is totally eyeing El Mariacho the 3rd in his mad M3. He winks at her in a very mexican way. She gets out of the Skyline and gets into the M3, as you would expect.
    Phillip gets very angry that he just lost Gwen Stefani, so he starts reving the Skyline like mad.

    El Mariacho keeps his cool, and patiently waits for the light to change.

    Now comes the trickiest camera angle

    From phillips car (his is in the right lane) you see Gwen's head disappearing into El Mariacho the 3rds lap. (best idea eve huh?)
    El Mariacho smiles at phillip then laughs evily as the light turns green.

    Both cars shoot off the line perfectly, but eventually phillip loses control and crashes straight into a tree at 165kmh. In this scene he is actually ejected from the car through the windshield and out onto the road (speeding ads need to be graphic like smoking ads. seriously).

    Then comes the message

    "Douschbags like phillip shouldnt be allowed to drive skylines, because they cant drive for shit."

    El Mariacho the 3rd and Gwen Stefani live happily ever after and without consequence. El Mariacho is never held responsible for the death of the M3 owner, and is allowed to keep the car.

    A Message from the RTA.

  13. oh noes i totally missed the "your mates life is in your hands" theme.
  14. I'm a retired videographer.
    Call me if you need a camera person :)
  15. Vic...the retiring type...?????
    never :p
  16. I can rotoscope, which is useful either:

    1) you're doing blue-screen compositing
    2) you want to remove a product label
    3) you just HAVE to see yourself wielding a lightsaber
  17. me?
    I already have a light sabre..... :)


  18. OK, to answer those who asked - If you want me to 'scope a photo for you so you too can join the elite club of lightsaber-wielding freaks, I'll do them for you.