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Any motorcycle couriers out there ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sabbathbeast, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all, now i know this topic has been posted before but there was not alot of info there.

    I was wondering if anyone here is or has been a motorcycle courier before and what it is like eg, pay, hours, riding gear you need and anything else i should know before venturing into this kind of work?

    any info would be appreciated.
  2. Hi Sabbath,
    I did couriering for 2 years.
    One place i worked for was shifty and paid us hourly yet siad we were sub contractors- result no holiday or sick pay :(
    Second place was 50% commission of the job from memory.
    You will clock up alot of km's.
    I once did over 500 km's in jobs in one day. that included 3 return trips to werribee. Went to echuca one night aswell.
    Hours were 8 or 9 am at one place and finished around 6 and the other place wanted us in the city at 7:30 am and finished around 6 from memory.
    Its a bastard to be on the bike all day and i found it relaxing actually to drive the car after work if i had to go some where.
    You will be lucky to clear 600 a week i think.
    Most likely you will get a dri rider type jacket but thats it.
    hope that helps
  3. I've been a Sydney mobike courier a few times in years gone by.
    The pay is for shite considering the wear and tear on your bike and body.
    The lack of decent food and the time or place to eat it. (We lived on soft drinks, Mars bars and cigarettes.)
    Never knowing how short or long your day is going to be.
    And the fact that many companies expect you take out your own insurance.
    Mobike courier used to listed as one of the ten Most dangerous Jobs in the World (I don't know if it still is) but it's risky, no doubt about it.
    Some companies in Sydney now claim to pay car rates for bikes, so you might want to check into that aspect.
    I only did long range stuff...ie: pickups and drops outside the normal CBD area. Though I often had to go into the CBD for a drop or a pick up anyway.
    Some riders in Sydney are Bridge-Hoppers, all they do all day is ride back and forth across the Harbour bridge from south CBD to north CBD.

    Riding gear...in winter everything you've got.
    In summer most of us just wore t-shirts and jeans and some kind of over the ankle boots.

    I broke the law, as in road rules, hourly. All of us did. Cops in Sydney City are actually ok, if they see you have a courier vest on they turn a blind eye to most of the bikers antics.
    Like u-turns at traffic lights, riding thru business malls, riding down one way streets in the wrong direction, riding down stairs, on sidewalks, thru various public parks. Abusing pedestrians, bicycle couriers, car drivers constantly. No one in the CBD likes mobike couriers, but most learn to get the hell out of their way. :LOL:

    Some tips: Always park on private property, that way you avoid the parking cops, although I often had some heated arguments with security guards and building managers.
    They threaten to padlock/clamp your bike. I said sure, go ahead, I'll sue you for the tiniest scratch you put on the wheel while you're doing it.
    Never argue with parking cops, if they ticket you just laugh and say you get paid so much a parking ticket means nothing, they hate that.
    Never leave your helmet or gloves on the bike when you go inside a building, take it with you or lock it onto the bike.

    People who have never done think it's a great job, being paid to ride your bike all day, in reality it's a very tough job.
    The skinnest I've ever been was when I was mobike couriering.
    I even developed a stomach ulcer, the jobs come in relentlessly and the radio room is always trying to get you from one place to another ASAP.
    I abused the radio room guys very often.
    My mate Greg once stormed into the HQ and dragged a radio guy out of his chair and shoved him around a bit.
    Strangely enough they kept the radio room door locked after that.

    If you're desperate for money it's ok for a short period of time. If you can find other work, I would do so.
    Your bike will suffer unless it's shaft drive.
    Chains and sprockets wear like you won't believe.
    You can claim all petrol, oil, bike stuff, riding gear, bridge and tolls back on your tax.
    For an outlay of $7000 I got $2900 back.
    I never got more than $500 in any pay packet for a weeks work.
    The normal was about $350. This was back in 1996.

    Let us know what you decide to do mate, if you do join the Foreign Mobike Legion ranks keep us updated with interesting tales, of which you will have many. :LOL:
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys !!

    I had an idea it might not be the best job around and you have both confirmed that so i dont rekon its the job for me, I like my bike too much and definatley dont want to ride it so much that im sick of it .

  5. I wonder how some company has ads in magazines "Earn $1200 a week being a motorcycle courier" in various Aussie bike mags. I think they even give you $3K for signing up to work. Can't recall exactly as I was never interested so never looked into it much, might go home after tonights ride and see what I can find in regards to it.
  6. You can earn $1200 a week if you do 23 hours work a day :(

    $1200 a week is the most extreme run they will have on their books.

    Most people wont see anywhere near that.

    Those that do however need to deduct expenses from that.

    Bike loan/lease
    safety gear
    Holliday allowance
    Sick Leave allowance
    wear & tear
    Radio equipment hire
    bar code scanner hire
    Public liability insurance
    lost parcel liability payments

    Put a figure beside each one of those and see how much of the $1200 a week is left.

    Then divide that by the number of hours you've worked and you may end up earning $15 an hour.

    Mind you though, you can "write off" a lot of expenses.

    Or if your name is matt232 you get to write off many motorcycles :rofl:
  7. I think Vic has summed it up nicely.