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Any Moto Guzzi owners here?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lazy Libran, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if there are any NR's with Moto Guzzi bikes, what models they have and generally what their impression is?

    They do have a few nice cruisers & sports tourers.
  2. I've always loved MG's after seeing an 850 Le Mans brand new at peter Stevens a few "cough" years ago.

    Got to get a ride as a pillion and nearly slipped off the back of the bloody thing.
    The noise the transverse V twin makes is sublime.
  3. Had a Breva 750 till November last year. Absolutely loved it but couldn't resist the aprilia shiver. Am looking at the Griso for my next bike though - pretty much love all of the design of all Guzzi's apart from the cruiser type ones.

    Saw a V7 last friday - the one with the silver tank and "7" numbered - couldn't stop leering at it till I nearly ran into the car in front.
  4. Yeah I love both the Breva & the V7 Cafe Classic. How was the overall performance, maintenance, durability and servicing costs on the Breva?

    The V7 Special Edition IS a beautiful droolworthy machine. One day...

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  5. I hear Motosiclo in Tempi was just got Guzzi dealership rights,great news if the are that why inclined
  6. Yes I have a V10 centauro
    had it about 8 years now and still think its awesome bike
  7. First time I've seen this pic and it DOES look awesome.

  8. Beautiful bikes, I wish I could fit on them :(
  9. that is stunning, anyone wanna get me one ;)
  10. Which one out of those 2 pics do you want? :p
  11. Performance is down on what you expect from a 750 but that is not really the whole picture - I know a lot is said about character/soul etc but whether you love them or hate them no one can deny a Guzzi has it in spades.

    maintenance is a piece of cake on the small block that I know any way and John at Motociclo in Tempe (already mentioned) is more than helpful and patient in spreading his knowledge to a point where I'm sure he does himself out of work. You'll also find that places like aigor, guzzitech.com and a yahoo group called MG750 (or some such) are all valuable places for great info and they certainly don't mind answering the most basic of questions. If you think you are complete novice - which I was - rest assured there will be more info and pics to help than you could imagine. For servicing costs though from a mech, again John is reasonable and places like Motorino are probably best not discussed. I've not used them but Moto Italia is also meant to be good in Emu Plains I think.

    Durability for Piaggo built bikes/scooters (GT200, breva 750, shiver) I have had have been second to none and in my limited experience better than suzuki. One piece of advice that was given to me for Guzzi's though was "don't buy new or newish - get one with a good 20k on the clock so you know the issues have been resolved" how true this is in general I cant say but I think mine had around 25k on the clock and I had it up to about 40k from memory.

    If you would like any more info feel free to ask or PM
  12. Thank you so much for the info, robbie. Much appreciated. Royal Enfield, Ducati & Triumph have always been my favorite bikes (After Yamaha that is) and Moto Guzzi has sparked a lot of interest in the last few months.

    Not sure which way I'm gonna go once this L/restrictions are over but have already started researching. :D

    Thanks again.
  13. Yes go talk to John @ Motociclo,I used to email him a lot once,great bloke.

    BTW,I owned a 98 California 1100 for five years...


    Once known few probs sorted was a great tourer
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  14. Saw the V7 Racer Special Edition at A1 Bike Shop in Ringwood ay lunch time today. Must say, it looked even better in real. Just stood there and drooled a while. :D

    $18K drive away is a little steep but seeing its Special Edition - could be worth it. Is it a good price?
  15. I had a poor mans Guzzi, (CX500) easiest bike in the world to work on due to the tranverse v twin engine.

    If you wanted to, you could change the plugs & do the valves while riding it.

    Tongue in cheek, obviously, but they really are simplistically easy to work on, have't worked on a Guzzi, but they share a lot of common traits, ie tansverse v twin, locknut valve adjustment, pushrods, easy spark plug access, shaft drive, etc etc.

    A well ridden Guzzi could put a lot of sportbikes to shame in the twistys I reckon. Obviously they'll turn better one way than the other (right from memory), so make sure there's a lot of r/h turns if you're out to round up some gixxer squids ;)
  16. How about this beauty.
    1200 Sport Corsa, probably won't make our shores, unfortunately.

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  17. Never owned a Guzzi but just dropped into say that I have to say that this is the most beautiful bike ever.


    Some would say the 916 but those cylinders out the side just make the Ducati look like tupperware.
  18. I do love the MGS-01, sad we never got a road going version here.
  19. There are 2 registered in the world,1 in German and the other in the USA,both not excatly legit.Thats acording to posts from owners on one of the Guzzi sites.There was one in the front window of a bike shop in Willam st in Sydney
    I think the shop has closed.I saw it driving past last year and had to stop,