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Any mobile mechanics in Sydney on Sunday?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Vasc0, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. So, tried to install a B2 fender eliminator kit on my Ninja 250R today and royalled f'd it up. Can't the stock one back on and couldn't progress any further with the fender eliminator (couldn't get the tail light assembly mounted back onto the bike). So for now it's basically sitting in the garage and is useless.

    Is there a mobile mechanic in Sydney who works on Sundays? I'm located in the southern Sydney area.

  2. G'day Vasco,

    Only mobile mechanic I know of in Sydney is Mark's Mobile Motorcycle Mechanic. He's a great guy but I'm not sure if he works on sundays though. I'm like 99% sure there are a few other mobile mechanics around the city too but I can't remember their names and not sure if they work on sundays either. For what its worth, Mark's number is 0434 969 363, feel free to give that a ring I spose? Otherwise good luck with the bike man, hope you get back out on the streets soon.

  3. Thanks mate, I'll give him a go
  4. What do you need the mechanic to do, exactly?
  5. Hi, Geez I can't help you on a Sunday, a week day or a Saturday morning perhaps, Cheers netriderchchic.
  6. Hi I am 1 of the few but not on Sunday, I spend Sundays catching u on much needed rest,

    Good luck with that, netriderchchic.