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Any Melbourne mechanic?!!!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by annoyin, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. hey i need a mechanic near my area "Melbourne, St.Albans"
    i have a problem with my bike and need it to be checked.

  2. Performane bikes in Morabbin 95555088 Tell Mick Alan A sent you :)
  3. The geographically challenged one :)
  4. Bwaahaa had the same thought.....long way to get a bus home if they need it for a day or two :shock:
    But anyway what about Balls Performance or Redwing Honda?
  5. Bikes Plus in Keilor Rd Niddrie is probably not that far away. (first time I used them I'd got a puncture in St Albans. A self-tapper screw got me to Niddrie, which is amazing when you consider that the tyre had a tube!
  6. Have you tried the Ducati shop in top endof Elizabeth St.? Been meaning to go in and check it out.
  7. Its not just the mechanic quality that is important. With Duke's and other high end bikes, the quality of the workshop and tools are equally of concern.
    If you can afford to ride a Duke, you can afford to have it properly serviced. Take it to a Ducati dealer.
  8. hmmmm i beg to differ...its not rocket science.If its a fuel pressure problem,all that needs to be done is to hook up a fuel pressure gauge and see if there is any fluctuation in the pressure when it hits the dead spot.I have seen so many mistakes made since EFI was introduced to bikes due to lack of understanding of the systems....Generally EFI runs 38 odd psi at running then ramps up a few psi on vaccum drop(when the throttle is blipped)which is usually about 4 psi.Also when the system is powered up the rail should pump up to its higher amount(42psi in the above case) and retain that pressure until the engine is started.So if the pressure drops that means that A)an injector is leaking 8) the fuel is leaking out somewhere externally(you would smell raw fuel) or C)the drain back valve inside the pump is cactus.D)the regulator seal on the return line on the fuel rail is leaking back to the tank....The pumps pressure unregulated should be around 80psi....i usually bench test them with a power supply or battery, bucket of fuel and ofcourse a gauge.....EFI problems are really not that hard to pinpoint.