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Any learners around Point Cook/Werribee area?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by boosted2000, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Howdy all,

    Just moved to Point Cook and need to get some hours up on the bike before I go for my full licence, if there are any learners around Point Cook/Werribee/Western Suburbs that would be keen to catch up for a ride send me a PM.


  2. There are heaps. Pick a spot to meet, pick a date, post it up and you'll be surprised at how friendly these Western people are ;)
  3. Hear hear - last learner ride we had over in the western suburbs had approx 40 people turn up - either to help or to learn :grin: I've been riding for a year or two now and am still learning heaps (gotta get my practise in -not in commuting mode) - so if you have a time your free pop it up - and I'll try and make it :grin:
  4. A great area near you to practice your slow counter steers, emergency braking etc is the coastal park as there is not much traffic & plenty of space. I think top speed in it is about 40kph & the gates get locked about 4 or 5ish each day :?

    If youre not wanting to post up an event ride, you could always come along to coffee https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=31401. Plenty of peeps from both the west & other areas and there's sure to be a few who might help :)

    BTW, dont believe you can send/recieve PM's till 15+ posts :wink:

  5. Just don't get Heather excited or you could lose an eye or two :p
  6. Well get ya bum to Shell todd rd tomorrow at 9.30am for some practice honey :grin:
  7. Never seen you complain :wink:

  8. Yeah, thats coz I cause your excitement ;)
  9. *slap *slap Time to wake up :p
    now .....
  10. I'm nearly always up for a ride, just post up something and ill try and make it.

  11. If ive got the time on weekends Id be happy to join you. Need to get as much practise as I can before Licence test.
  12. Done and done :grin:
  13. boosted, I am from Hoppers Crossing and am usually up for a ride, just pm me.
  14. Me too :)

    Can we get a decent ride in before I go in for surgery?? :grin:
  15. When do you go in for surgery Vic ?
  16. Instead of shave for a cure he’s having a cranium transplant.

    Heres the 2 donor options :p

  17. Nice photoshop work.....not!!!

    Umm, just as soon as TAC say I can
  18. Boosted, I will be heading out for a short blat around Werribee South, Point Cook, Willy after work today (Tuesday) you are welcome to come along or meet up on the way.
  19. another Noob

    I'm in Point cook and would be keen also for any rides happening.

    Have been commuting for a month or so to work (CBD) and still need a lot of practice/pointers on peak hour crap on the westgate freeway. BTW hello to anyone who has passed me :) Black helmet with bright orange stripes
  20. Hi all,

    Just wanting to re-energise this post, anyone in the area up for a ride in over the next couple of weekends?