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any laws in NSW against reflective decals

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Dante, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. any laws in NSW against reflective decals ?

    am about to try out some reflective decals now in particular would there be any problem with Blue Reflective. ?


    http://www.streetglo.net/ with a 15% NR discount is why im making the inquery
  2. You would think not since they only serve to increase your visibily, which can only be good.

    Any particular reason why you think there might be restrictions against them?
  3. because the government is anal.


    aside from that wondering if any problem with it being 'blue'
  4. If they are too reflective, their reflection when hit by the sun or headlights could blind temporarily other road users.
  5. 'Loves' isn't spelt i-s :p.

    I didn't even consider them being too reflective. The ability to start fires using highly reflective decals could be a highly useful defensive riding ability :p.
  6. Probably illegal.
    What isnt? Theres obscure poorly written legislation making everything illegal in some way, just depends if the cop is an absolute knob.

    Do it anyway. :grin:
    Id say theres basicly no chance of a problem, though I have heard of a guy whos car had super sparkly metalic paint, got crashed into and the crasher succesfully got the blame put on him because the car was illegally shiny and the reflection had made it impossible to see :?
  7. you know what... i find car windshields at certin times of day reflect light stright into my eyes.. i hearby pertition that all cars be removed from the road until a ful safty review has been done and all cars are passed as complient. :twisted:
  8. There are bright blue refelective stickers on the sides of many private security vehicles.
    They do NOT have a special licence to have them on the cars.
    I would not worry Dante.
    I expect someone on here will shortly post up that's it's a crime of high treason or something of the sort, but really mate, just do it.

    I am going to get some reflective stripes for Lin's bike because it is too hard to see from the side at night.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  9. My bike has a large amount of reflective white vinyl on it on the duck tail. It's only really visible from the front half arc of the bike, and i'm not really sure why it's there... the previous owner put it on the duck tail and i never bothered to take it off. :grin:
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  11. A mirrored paint job is illegal, but I believe that's primarily because it can affect "safety camera" flashes. i.e. so long as you're stable able to be photographed by a road safety camera effectively, then the government nowadays doesn't really care what you do, so long as they can catch you if needed.

    There are plenty of bikes sold as stock in Australia that contain various degrees of mirroredness, whether that be decals on sportsbikes, or 50% of the bike being chromed ala some custom Harley job.

    Again, so long as the "safety" cameras can ping you, it's not illegal unless some officer with a bad attitude decides that it is at the moment.
  12. Can't be illegal, several cars have been sold that had reflective stripes from teh factory.
    A mate had a 200SX that had reflective stripes and a reflective panel on teh spoiler, all from factory.
    Mind you, that was the 80's.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. No different to those orange vests with the silver reflective strips on them I see bikers and some cyclists wear.

    Do it & post pics.
  14. Probably, my mate put blue headlights in his calais and got done by some pr*ck for impersonating a police vehicle.
  15. They look like garbage so why would you bother?
  16. And so he should've.

    People ignore emergency vehicles enough as it is without the doof doof (or is that nuff nuff) brigade adding Blue & Red LED's all over their vehicles, especially those color changing windscreen washer LED's.....

    Remember a good LED could be confused for a distant emergency vehicle and that's my point. As for reflective tape I can see a prob if it doesn't affect the revenue raisers.
  17. "Too bright", eh? Like those headlights that are practically high-beam strength? I can't stand those. I can't see anything in my mirrors when I have someone behind me with them.
  18. They weren't high powered, just blue. They don't flash, and even so, how many cop cars have you seen going around with blue headlights?

    Either way, bit harsh to put him into handcuffs over it.
  19. I have seen the same thing done here at least twice. Looks cool, but I imagine it would be rather impractical.

    Very silly of the cops, but perhaps illegal for other reasons. I couldn't be sure, but maybe (if anyone can tell me, thanks!) it's illegal to have coloured headlights?
  20. It very illegal to have blue lights on a motor vehicle unless it's an emergency service vehicle. Wise law if you ask me.