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VIC Any Law changes for P-platers as of July 1st?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nikosg, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Sorry if this thread has already been covered.... couldn't find it myself.

    When i got my L's 3 months ago, the tester said we were lucky because we could get our Ps before July and could avoid any possible changes in P plater Laws or testing etc...

    Has any such thing surfaced? Should i rush off and get my Ps before July 1st or will nothing change?

  2. I personally haven't heard of changes. (anybody else?)
    Hey if you feel confident enough, go get your 'P's anway!!!
  3. I heard that they might be changing the laws to get your P's/full licence from a friend but I haven't heard or found anything to back the claims up.
    He said that it will cost something like $1000 to go for the P's and it would be a 2 day course (just going by what he told me).

    I too would like to know if these claims are correct.
    Luckily I've had my L's for more than 3 months and I plan on booking in to get my P's soon.
  4. @streetmaster i do feel confident enough..... but well its either i pay for my Ps in June, or throw a sweet sweet after exams party with the money ill have for the month... ;)
  5. get your Ps as soon as you can, do the full day course where they teach you the skills you need prior to you being tested and im sure you will be fine, if you can ride to the testing centre, you can pass the course essentially.

    At the end of the day waiting to do your Ps has no positive benefits. Take it from me i had my Ls for 9 months and now am regretting the decision.

    I will say one thing, if vicroads is considering changing things, i would hazard a guess it will be forcing riders to stay on lams bikes for 3 years as per nsw.
    i promise you this suck and you want to avoid being subject to such a law for as long as possible.

    EDIT: Just make the party BYO drinks and skimp on the food and hookers and you will be able to do both!
  6. Wether or not things do change, they typically change on 1/7. That's not always true, just generally. For example, when green p's were introduced to nsw the change came into effect on 1/6, but the updated learners rules for drivers came into effect 1/7 I think.
  7. Awhile ago i heard that they were going to implement the 120 hour rule on bike licenses too.
    and if you didn't have a mate or dad or family friend with a full bike license, you'd have to pay for a supervisor.

    Haven't heard anything since... and it would be ridiculous if they did do it.

    On the plus side i'm on my green p's next month, would of been on earlier but i was lazy/busy totally forgot tbh and stayed on my l's up until a few weeks before the license expired.

    so if you have the time and cash and you're confident and can operate the bike properly.. just do it now.