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Any ladies riding groups, Brisbane?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MRSeBUNNY, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Just wondering if there are any ladies groups that do brisbane or sunshine coast rides?

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    Kysa Moto Bikes in Sunshine Coast, QLD, 4558 - LocalSearch Your Best Local Search

    Don't know anything about them but might be worth an inquiry. I searched for Sunny Coast but these ladies do rides around Bris and the GC as well according to the above link.

    Theres also another group up here on the coast called " girl torque".

    Link: These girls have a ticket to ride
    Link: Women primed to torque it up for cancer charity

    Not sure if they ride around the Bris area or not though.

    There are also a group of members here who organize rides, but this means you would have to ride with boys and might even be the only female in attendance depending on who turned up on the day! LOL
    [QLD] - [Nov 14, 2015] BrisVegas NR rides (Around Brisbane, QLD)

    Hope some of this info helps you!
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  3. Thanks CraigACraigA ive been looking online but havent been overly sucessful. I'll check these out.. thank you again
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    May be a little old thread - but I've ridden with KYSA mob. They are the most active Moto group of ladies in the SE corner, based off Shark Leathers shop in Helensvale, Gold Coast.

    They're a good and friendly bunch. The club seems to be growing and they're very active in their meet ups.
    You have to pick and choose what level and what activity you want to do though...

    They have ladies only rides, socia rides and track days. They also hold male ride days too where prospective halves are allowed to join in

    Part from that I'm not sure in Brisbane
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  5. Thanks ValvolineValvoline I think the gold coast is a bit far for me, only in this early stage of riding. But you never know i might get there one day. Thank you
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