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Any Jobs Going...?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. I'm currently a Security Guard at a major shopping center, but I'm after a different job.

    What I'd really like is something 9-5, mon-fri so I can study at night, and have a social life on weekends.

    I've been an automotive mechanic a couple of years ago, but I let my unfinished apprentiship lapse and I'm not after another one.

    I've got Cert III as a Security Guard, Crowd Controller and Control Room Operator

    I'm fairly good with computers, though I wouldn't say I'm experienced in any field with computers.

    I'm good with people, easy to talk to and well spoken. (Always friendly :))

    Any suggestions?

    A dream come true would be something which would get my foot in the door with the Photojournalism scene.

    Anything to do with media would also be brilliant.

    Maybe sometype of Cadetship, Traineeship, or somewhere which will teach me some worthy skills?

    I'm open to all suggestions, just really after a change.

    I appreciate any help, thanks

    - Matt.

    PS: Smart arse replies are fine, aslong as they aren't mean ;)
  2. Matt,

    Have a goal in mind is all I can say. What exactly do you want to do? Once youhave this nailed then look at what you need to get it going. maybe look at a TAFE course, I know being a rent a cop is a pain but it gives you the funds to make good decisions.

    Question number 1: What do I want to be when I grow up?
    Question number 2: What am I good at?
    Question number 3: What do I love to do?

    Answer these mate and you are 90% of the way. :grin:

    Remember life is like a bunch of chocolates, hey I don't know what it means either :LOL:
  3. It means that the ones that look nicest on the outside don't always have the tastiest centres.....

    Look for a job that will give you longevity; forget this garbage about people being 'mobile' with their jobs. That just means one of two things; people are either greedy and as soon as some poor boss has hepled train them and raise their standards, they reward him by leaving for 'something that's better for me', or they can't hold a job. Look for a job you can keep...
  4. Thanks Hornet I was being a bit of a smart alec with that one.

    But on your second point I agree to a point. The one thing that cannot be sure today is longevitity in a company this may be through no fault of your own. SO in that situation Matty make sure that you get as much experience and training so that if you do move companies [for whatever reason] you are marketable.

    Oh I joined Australia's largest telco because it is stable.
  5. Nope, it means some prick has usually already pinched the good ones, so you gotta get in quick! :)
  6. I have no idea what I want to be, I've changed my mind a dozen times this year, heh.

    The latest two ideas were to be a fire fighter, or a photojournalist travelling the world :D

    I can't really answer the 'what am I good at' question because I'm not sure.

    I love photography, and I'd love to learn how to be a good video editor person thing. You know, making DVD's and what not.. not movies, but stuff like getaway in stockholme, that style of movie.

    At the moment I'll settle for anything 9-5 mon-fri so I can go have a look at tafe and see what I can do for night study, maybe media studies or something.
  7. Work in the courts? Weekend work at sporting events? Frees you up Mon-Fri.

    Consider what motivates you in a work environment (don't say money - if you dig a bit further that is truely not the biggest motivator for the majority of people) - for most it's the chance to help others, be appreciated for what they do, to develop themselves, work with others etc etc. Any of this ring true?

    I'm definetely a fan of the goal-setting as mentioned previously. When you set them, make them specific, realistic and timely i.e. 'I will enrol in a media studies course by December'. Write them down an keep them somewhere like your bathroom mirror where you'll see them often.

    Remember you can study online or on weekends with some courses - check out www.goodguides.com.au for courses. Also go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/whatamilike/ to do a self-assessment of your personality type, to help you with your search.

    What about getting a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and Training others in security work? What about working as an Employment Consultant yourself i.e. at an Employment Agency?

    Don't agree at all with the 'one job for life' mentality - go for that if you wish (hey, I am a loyal person in a work environment, but most modern jobs aren't forever), but always be 'employable' not just skilled or experienced. Many people say they've had 10 year's experience in a job - often that can really mean only 1 year's experience timed by 10.

    Free session over - good luck!
  8. Woah, thanks for the reply Ezyryder :)

    Now that I think about it, and you point it out.. You're right.. Money is a big thing at the moment because I'd really like to move out of home, but if I knew where I was heading and knew what was coming and when I'd have enough income and a decent job to move out with, money wouldn't factor in.
    Being appreciated for what I do would be a big one, I'm not after over the top compliments and exadurated pats on the back and high-5's, but having someone acknowledge some thanks if I were to go above and beyond what I was paid to do, or did an exeptional job at it.

    I'd love to work with a group of people, but hopefully people my own age. I somehow always end up being the youngest and eventually give in to taking the role as the kid, I'm sure that will change over time, but yeah.. working with others would be a plus.. At the moment I do night shift security and majority of the time I'm by myself. It's irritating because theres hardly anything to do, and I often NEED something to do, just to keep me occupied.

    I could get cert IV and train up other security guards, that would be a really fun job, though it's not really... *thinks of the word* I'm not sure, I don't want to put all that time into training myself up to be a Security Trainer just for a few years or what-not, it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life.
    Or were you talking about being a Security Trainer while I study?

    Anyway, heres the results of that quiz url you gave me, they're pretty accurate, though some descriptions are of things/situations I haven't been in yet, so I wouldn't know.

    Your answers suggest you are an Innovator

    The four aspects that make up this personality type are:
    Spontaneous, Ideas, Hearts and Extrovert

    Summary of Innovators

    * Energetic and creative taking inspiration from everyone they meet
    * Enjoy flexible work environments with few rules and many opportunities for fun
    * Think of themselves as imaginative, sociable and sympathetic
    * May not think logically about their ideas

    More about Innovators

    Innovators are fun-loving, creative, sensitive people who enjoy developing their ideas by discussing them with others. This group supports the people around them and expects the same in return. Others are drawn to Innovators because of their love of life, caring nature and openness.

    Innovators are most likely to say they do their best work when they start at the last minute, according to a UK survey.

    Innovators are good at spotting opportunities and recognizing potential in people. Innovators put all their energy into new projects and their enthusiasm motivates others to support their plans.

    In situations where they can’t use their talents or are unappreciated, Innovators may become rebellious and unfocused. Under extreme stress, Innovators may become preoccupied with meaningless details.

    Innovators may over-extend themselves or put a night out with friends ahead of more pressing commitments.
    Innovator Careers

    Innovators are drawn to careers that require teaching or counselling, where they can work with and help encourage the development of others.

    It's important to remember that no survey can predict personality type with 100 percent accuracy. Experts say that we should use personality type to better understand ourselves and others, but shouldn't feel restricted by our results.
  9. Yeah, possibly train others up in guarding, see what vacancies TAFE have for sessional trainers, which would give you an idea of what jobs in the TAFE sector there may be.

    Personally from what you say and for the results of the test, you are moving away from what you are doing at present, and into something bigger and more suited to you. You also have more insight than quite a lot of people your age have!

    Had a thought - would you consider work like disability carer, house supervisor or something along those lines?
  10. How does this sound?

    I've enquired with RMIT and they've put me onto VTAC for more information, I'm wanting to start a part time course in applied photography or similar (i'll have a good look into all available and see which best suits me) and work security part time while i study, or look for other work which is a bit less mind numbing while i study.

    I figure i want to be a photojournalist employed by Lonely Planet or National Geographic, haha! well, i'm exadurating, but yeah.. something along those lines eventually :D

    I won't burn my bridges, i'll keep working and keep my security licence current, and i do want to change jobs but also study..

    I've been talking to my father on MSN about it, he's incharge of the Central Photographic Est in the RAAF and he's trying to put me off, telling me to stick with security or mechanics, and just use photography as a hobby, saying it's too hard of a field to get into etc etc.

    I see where he's coming from, but seriously.. I'm not aspiring to be a security guard all my life.. A slave to the system, working jobs that i hate.

    He's suggesting I work at safeway and "work my way up to liquor or store manager", or seeing as i like cars and driving to be a delivery person - I don't know if he's serious or making jokes. lol
  11. you could always come spray-sealing doood, 57k is where you start and work up.....but then i would OWN YOU :LOL:

    its a cool job because its out and about and you get plenty of time for pictures ;)
  12. Sounds like a great plan Matt... :) Just remember....pure talent alone isn't going to get you there. ;) :) Work hard, stay determined, tackle obstacles (including self inflicted ones) and it'll all be worth it :)

    All the best
  13. Man your Dad's advice kinda sucks! You definitely have a talent for photography, obviously your are very keen to pursue it as well. Yes it is very difficult to get into the field but you never know if you never try. And yes your dad might be right it is better to keep it as a hobby and develop it you'll probably enjoy it more.

    I work in the design field and now kinda hate it for I've lost some of that passion I once had when I first began. Over the years dealing with shitty bosses and crap clients kinda does that for ya. But I've also learnt a heap and enjoyed working on a few select clients too. You'll usually remember the ones you had lots of fun on and draw from those to conitnue.

    RMIT definitely has a good Photography course we worked with a few of the Photo Science students on collaborative projects and a lot of them were told to develop a commercial photography base so they have a way to earn a crust while trying to break into photo journalism.

    Matt your 20 and have a long career path ahead of you, do the course work part time in your current field, people these days don't get stuck in roles for 20 years anymore. It's so easy to just switch your career over as long as you develop your core skills. Communication, Customer Service, Presentation, People Management, etc.

    I recently recieved some good advice about making a decision on what you want to do, imagine money was not an object, you won lotto, what is the one thing you would still be doing just for the hell of it. Be it fixing up cars, taking photos in the rainforest, controlling a crowd at your own club... that's probably the path you should pursue.

    I'm coming close to 30 and still wondering what career path I want next, so you can take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

    Good Luck just remember the decision is rarely ever final.
  14. refer to my previous post, come on over, its a bindle of fun :LOL:
  15. There is a job going at my work, but I work in a network support/telco position....which based on your post doesn't sound like your kettle of fish!
  16. MattyB, sounds like you have made the best decision so far, you have started!

    mate I am sure it will all work out, and why not Lonely Planet, someones gotta do it!

  17. hmmm, what qualifications does one need for this?

    i take it the shifts would be abnormal, i.e. 10pm- 5am?
  18. OH&S induction green card (now blue card WTF?)
    Drivers license
    Thick Skin
    Common sense

    thats enough to get you started, and upon starting you would get traffic control (yes, even the stoopidvisors like me have to be able to do the lollipop-man thing) and any other relevant quals depending on what you wanna do.

    eg, in my crew there is
    me - boss dude (sprayed seal selection & design, TCP design, plan and Audit, working safely with bitumen, bituminous surfacing blahblahblah)
    2 x Bitumen Sprayer Operators (HR license and dangerous goods permit)
    4 x Spreader Trucks (HC license and OH powerlines cert.)
    1 x Sign Truck (MR license, RTA design TCP)
    1 x Dangerous Goods Bulker Truck (HR + dangerous goods)
    2 x Roller Drivers (drivers license)
    1 x Sign Ute-2 doods(Drivers License, Traffic control)
    1 x Mechanical broom Operator (drivers license)
    1 x Suction Broom operator (MR)
    3 x Cockeral Box (spreader) operators (no real quals)
    1 x Records Clerk (ability to write neat and count all fingers on hands, drivers license)

    a starting point is usually labourer, roller driver or if you have the ticket, lollipop man.

    summer hours (my damn current hours) are 5:30am - 6or7pm x 5 and a half days
    winter hours are 7am - 3:30pm x 5 days
    my poorest worker earned 61k last year and the wealthiest wouldnt have got change from 100k.

    its hard work physically, but bearable, its the emotional aspect of living without your family for 4-6mths of the year (always home weekends though) and living out of a bag. it breaks most people quickly.
    also it is a high risk and hostile environment to work in. bitumen is stored at around 2hunjy degree's and does go BANG! people have died.
    also the exposure of being a high volume road user app. 100000kms a year.

    all that said i love my job, and make enough dough doing it.

    then there is the asphalt side.....they do night-work :shock:
    as a rule, i dont do night-work :LOL:
    thats why im the spraysealing dude :grin: