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Any interesting roads near Seymour, Victoria

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jd, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Planning on heading to Seymour next weekend for the swap meet and just wondering if anyone knows of any good roads leading into/out of the town I shoud be looking to do?

    Going to be approaching from the west (Ballarat) and already know all the roads as far as Kyneton/Heathchote/Malmsbury very well, but have not really ventured any further east from those towns.

  2. The road across from Toobrak to Seymour isn't bad. And then from Seymour across to Yea is nice as well.
  3. If you're not in a hurry, I'd go Kyneton, Lancefield, Pyalong, Broadford, Strath Creek, Seymour.

    Hopefully this link works.

    On the way back do Seymour, Tooboorac, Lancefield and then find your own way home
  4. Broadford - Strathcreek road is brilliant, especially the drop down into Strath Creek.
  5. I often do that 2 K twistie bit a couple of time because it's so much fun. Great corners, great surface and good visibility.
  6. Certainly not in a hurry, and that route you posted looks pretty good. Might even take Trekka's suggestion into account and extend from Strath Creek through Flowerdale and Yea.

    Thanks. :)
  7. Burke and wills track, Its all bitumen,
  8. All the roads I marked are bitumen. They're mostly secondary rural roads. Low traffic and low enforcement.
  9. Yep, very familiar with secondary rural roads. :)
  10. There the only way to fly, Hahahahahahaha
  11. The road up through Highlands and from just out of Yea is good fun, all sealed but narrow as you drop down from Highlands to Seymour.

  12. More fun than the road through Kerrisdale?
  13. Much tighter and much more elevation changes you climb up towards Highlands and then drop back down towards Seymour. Less traffic and fewer PoPo. When you get to Highlands make a left turn or you end up heading for Caveat. As you drop from Highlands down there are a couple of tight hairpins etc. but they are well signposted so they don't sneak up on you. The Kerrisdale rd is the Goulburn Valley Highway, interesting, far more open, but I vote for the Highlands route.
  14. Goulburn valley hwy will get you a ticket,
    Same as the Melba hwy,
    Flowerdale to yea, They get on there too.
  15. Cops, unmarked roadside civilian contractors, or both?
  16. Occasionallyt road side piccy takers,
    But usually Green falcon hwy patrol,
    Lot of unmarked cars, I know this because they have some one pulled over with their party lights on, Black ones most times.